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In the world of online forex trading, AMEGAFX is a name that's been gaining traction since its establishment in 2018. Based in Mauritius and regulated by FSC Mauritius, this unregulated forex broker provides a platform for trading in over 25 forex currency pairs, CFDs, futures, and commodities like gold, silver, and oil. AMEGAFX uses the MT5 forex trading platform, which is considered top-notch in the industry. The broker offers a minimum trade size of 0.01 and a maximum leverage of 1000:1, making it accessible for both novice and experienced traders. For those who are new to forex trading, the minimum to open live is just $1. The company also provides web and mobile trading options, making it convenient for traders to access their accounts anytime, anywhere. It supports a variety of trading conditions including hedging, EAs/Robots, news trading, and scalping. AMEGAFX accepts deposits and processes withdrawals through PerfectMoney. Despite being a relatively new player in the market, the company has managed to make a mark in the industry. However, it's essential for potential investors to do their research and understand the risks involved in forex trading. This review aims to provide an unbiased look at the services offered by AMEGAFX.


AMEGAFX is a Forex Broker established in 2018 and based in Mauritius. As an unregulated Forex Broker, it has garnered attention in the online trading community, particularly for its use of the MT5 Platform, a top-tier forex trading platform. AMEGAFX offers an impressive range of trading options, including over 25 forex currency pairs, CFDs, futures, gold, silver, and oil.

Trading Conditions at AMEGAFX

The trading conditions provided by AMEGAFX are diverse and flexible, making it a popular choice among traders. With a minimum trade size of 0.01 and a maximum leverage of 1000:1, it caters to both small-scale and large-scale traders. Furthermore, it only requires a minimum of $1 to open a live trading account, making it accessible to traders with varying financial capacities.

AMEGAFX supports several trading strategies such as hedging, scalping, news trading, and the use of Expert Advisors or Robots. This flexibility in trading strategies allows traders to diversify their trading portfolio and manage their risks effectively.

Trading Platforms and Instruments

AMEGAFX primarily uses the MT5 platform for trading. This platform is renowned for its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and robust functionality, making it a preferred choice for many forex traders. AMEGAFX also supports web trading and mobile trading, allowing traders to monitor and execute trades from anywhere at any time.

AMEGAFX provides a wide array of trading instruments, including more than 25 forex currency pairs and over 30 CFDs on gold, silver, other precious metals, stocks, stock indexes, oil, and other commodities. This extensive selection of trading instruments provides traders with numerous opportunities to diversify their portfolio and maximize their profits.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

AMEGAFX accepts deposits and processes withdrawals through PerfectMoney. This digital payment solution is known for its speed, security, and convenience, making it a reliable choice for online trading transactions.

AMEGAFX: Pros and Cons

One of the major advantages of AMEGAFX is its low barrier to entry, with a minimum deposit of just $1. Its use of the MT5 platform, wide range of trading instruments, and flexible trading conditions are other notable positives. However, its status as an unregulated forex broker may raise concerns for some traders. The lack of regulatory oversight can potentially expose traders to unnecessary risks and scams.

Scammer or Not: A Safety Check

While AMEGAFX is an unregulated broker, it has not been flagged as a scam by any major regulatory body. However, it's always important for traders to exercise due diligence when dealing with unregulated brokers. It is recommended to thoroughly research and review any broker before deciding to trade with them.


What is the minimum deposit to open a live account with AMEGAFX?
The minimum deposit to open a live account with AMEGAFX is $1.

What trading platforms does AMEGAFX support?
AMEGAFX supports the MT5 platform, web trading, and mobile trading.

What trading instruments are available at AMEGAFX?
AMEGAFX offers over 25 forex currency pairs and more than 30 CFDs on various commodities and indices.

Is AMEGAFX regulated?
No, AMEGAFX is an unregulated forex broker.

Can I use Expert Advisors or Robots with AMEGAFX?
Yes, AMEGAFX supports the use of Expert Advisors or Robots.

Traders can leave their feedback about their experience with AMEGAFX on the website. This review is an independent analysis of the company and does not contain any personal recommendations or conclusions. Unregulated Forex Broker with MT5 Platform

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