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In this comprehensive review, we delve into the operations of, a forex broker established in 2011, headquartered in Belize. has carved a niche for itself in the competitive forex market by offering its users access to the MetaTrader 4 and cTrader platforms, which are widely recognized as some of the top forex online trading platforms globally. provides a wide range of trading options, including over 60 forex pairs, gold, silver, and CFDs, catering to diverse investment and trading needs. The company has a minimum trade size of 0.01 and offers a maximum leverage of 777:1, which could potentially amplify traders' profits. With a minimum opening balance of just $10, makes forex trading accessible to a broad spectrum of investors. The company is regulated by the FSC and operates under the IFSC/000122/163 license. has integrated advanced features into its platforms, such as EAs/Robots, news trading, and scalping. It also offers copy trading, enabling less experienced traders to mimic the strategies of successful traders. The company supports various deposit and withdrawal methods, including Bank Wire, Neteller, Skrill, SticPay, and VLoad, providing flexibility and convenience to its users. also offers mobile and web trading, allowing traders to manage their investments on the go. In conclusion, is a robust forex trading platform with a range of features designed to cater to both novice and experienced traders.


In the world of online trading, Axiory has made a name for itself. Established in 2011, Axiory has become a go-to platform for forex trading, offering a variety of financial investments. This Axiory review aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the platform's features and trading conditions.

Top-Tier Trading Platforms

Axiory offers two of the most renowned Forex Trading Platforms: MetaTrader 4 and cTrader. These platforms are known for their user-friendly interfaces, advanced charting tools, and vast array of trading strategies. Axiory’s integration of these platforms demonstrates its commitment to providing traders with top-notch trading tools.

Wide Range of Trading Options

With Axiory, traders can delve into a wide array of trading options. The platform offers over 60 forex pairs, gold, silver, and CFDs, catering to a diverse range of financial investments. This variety allows traders to diversify their portfolio and explore different markets.

Flexible Trading Conditions

Axiory provides flexible trading conditions to suit both novice and experienced traders. With a minimum trade size of 0.01 and maximum leverage of 777:1, it offers traders the flexibility to manage their trades according to their risk tolerance and trading strategies.

Accessible Trading

Axiory's minimum to open live is a mere $10, making it accessible for traders with different budget sizes. Moreover, with the availability of web trading and mobile trading, Axiory ensures that traders can access the forex market anytime, anywhere.

Regulation and Safety

Axiory is regulated by FSC #IFSC/000122/163 and FSC Mauritius, ensuring that it adheres to strict regulatory standards. This regulation provides traders with an added layer of security, knowing that their financial investments are in safe hands.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Axiory provides various deposit and withdrawal methods, including Bank Wire (BankTransfer/SWIFT), Neteller, Skrill, SticPay, and VLoad. This range of options provides convenience for traders worldwide.

Pros and Cons

Like any other platform, Axiory has its pros and cons. The platform's strengths lie in its user-friendly platforms, diverse trading options, and flexible trading conditions. However, one potential downside might be the limited availability in certain countries.

Scammer or Not?

Given its regulation by reputable financial authorities, Axiory appears to be a legitimate trading platform. However, traders are always advised to conduct their due diligence before investing.

Safety Check

With its regulatory oversight and security measures, Axiory seems to prioritize the safety of its users' funds. However, as with any online platform, traders should always practice safe trading habits.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Axiory:

  • What trading platforms does Axiory offer?
  • Axiory offers the MetaTrader 4 and cTrader platforms.

  • What is the minimum to open live on Axiory?
  • The minimum to open live on Axiory is $10.

  • Is Axiory regulated?
  • Yes, Axiory is regulated by the FSC.

  • What trading options does Axiory offer?
  • Axiory offers over 60 forex pairs, gold, silver, and CFDs.

To share your experience with Axiory, feel free to leave your feedback on the website. Remember, this is an independent review, and it is always wise to do your research before making any financial investments. Review: Forex Trading with Top Platforms

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Lone Forexer

1 review

5 months ago

AXIORY Live ECN Account Review: Unmasking the $3/Lot Fee

Recently, I took the plunge and opened a LIVE ECN type account with AXIORY, an esteemed Forex trading platform. Their website sparkled with the promise of a reasonable and competitive fee of $3 per lot, a somewhat inviting proposition for any trader. Little did I know that this alluring white rabbit would eventually lead me into a perplexing maze. As I enthusiastically plunged into live trades, an inconsistency quickly jumped out to me. To my surprise, the commission I was encountering deviated sharply from what I had expected. The invoices reflected a hefty $10 fee per lot rather than the $3 that had initially lured me in. This discrepancy was far from a negligible error and gave me pause, leading me to reach out to AXIORY's customer service for clarification. Their response was anything but satisfying. They confirmed that the commission structure stated on their website was incorrect – a mere mistake. Their excuse? A 'wrong piece of information’ had been displayed. The actual commission per lot, they candidly revealed, indeed stands at $10, revealing a calculation error that had inflated their commission by more than 300%! Notably, this equates to $1 for a 0.1 lot position – still significantly above the rates initially projected on their site. Regrettably, AXIORY's marketing had failed to match the reality of the trading experience, posing potentially significant consequences for traders relying on clear cost information to strategize their investments. This review seeks to enlighten potential traders about the disparity between the advertised and actual commission per lot of AXIORY’s LIVE ECN account. After all, such hidden costs can significantly affect your bottom line and potentially, the viability of your trading strategy. It seems AXIORY made quite an oversight in accurately representing their fee structure – a costly mistake not just for their reputation but for every trader misled by the incorrect information. All traders – novice or seasoned – would do well to approach with caution. Make sure to corroborate the published information against the actual trading conditions. As the saying goes, "Buyer beware!"

Homenko Yuriy

1 review

5 months ago

Axiory LIVE ECN Account Review: Unveiling the $3/Lot Fee

As a person always in search of lucrative investment opportunities, I decided to test the waters with Axiory's LIVE ECN (Electronic Communication Network) trading account. Axiory confirmed on their official website that they charged a trading fee of $3 per lot. However, I quickly discovered a glaring discrepancy between what was promised on the website and the actual trade execution. Venturing into my first few trades, I was bemused to notice that Axiory was consistently charging a commission of $10 per lot – an amount quite high than the initially stated $3. Naturally, I was compelled to raise this issue directly with the company. In response to my query, Axiory acknowledged this discrepancy stating, "After conducting our internal investigation into the matter, we have identified an error in the commission’s information stated on our website. We sincerely apologize for any confusion this has caused. The correct commission should be $10 per lot, meaning the calculation on your trading account is indeed correct, with $1 applied for a 0.1 lot position. We are actively working to correct this error on our website as soon as possible." While I appreciate Axiory's prompt response, I cannot help but express my disappointment in such a significant error from a renowned trading platform. This insufficiency sheds light on Axiory's apparent lack of attention to detail, which is quite an alarming issue, especially in a sector where precision is a prerequisite. While this incident did not avert me from continuing my investment journey, it was indeed a red flag. I encourage fellow traders to stay alert when dealing with Axiory or any other trading platform. Always cross-check your trades and consider the fine print attentively. After all, vigilance is our strongest guard in the complex world of trading. In conclusion, this experience has taught me the importance of accuracy and transparency in foreign exchange—I hope Axiory and other forex brokers take heed.

Homenko Yuriy

1 review

5 months ago

Unveiling A User's Review on their LIVE ECN Fees

I commenced my journey with recently, by setting up a live ECN account on their platform. Their website drew me in with their promise of low fees, calculating it at a budget-friendly rate of $3 per lot. Looking forward to an economical trading experience, I embraced the opportunity open-heartedly, not realising there was a mysterious surprise lying in wait for me. Following a perceptive eye on my active live trades, an anomaly caught my attention. The commission being deducted was recorded at a glaring $10 per lot, which substantially exceeded the stated charge on their website. So, naturally, I felt compelled to get a comprehensive understanding of this sudden and unexpected fee inflation. Upon approaching Axiory with my confusion, their response was quite surprising. "After doing our investigation we can see the problem with the commission. We highly apologize but it seems that we have a wrong piece of information on the website. We will correct it as soon as possible, the commission is 10 USD/lot, so the calculation on your trading account is right, it is 1 USD for 0.1 lot position." The nature of this error on Axiory's end shed light on a crucial aspect. They had made a notable mistake, one that couldn't be ignored. This signifies the importance for traders to remain extra vigilant and perform meticulous due diligence when using any platform. Despite the promise of stellar profits, ventures like these are fraught with their share of risks. It's essential to ensure you're not taken by surprise due to misinformation. Although Axiory acknowledged their mistake and pledged to rectify it soon, the initial trust was somewhat shaken. It's okay to make a mistake, but a blunder of this kind could have serious implications for traders, especially those planning their finances based on the projected fee structure. Essentially, this candid, on-the-ground review of Axiory comes with a word of caution for all fellow traders. It's always wise to be skeptical, question every detail, and track your transactions vigilantly to prevent getting caught off guard. Your trading success relies heavily not just on how you play the market, but also on how well you navigate your trading platform's landscape. Stay sharp, traders!

Lone Forexer

1 review

5 months ago LIVE ECN Account Review: Transparency on Fees

As I embarked on my trading journey with AXIORY's LIVE ECN type of account, I was quickly confronted with a rather startling revelation. This platform promises complete transparency in its dealings, yet my personal experience has demonstrated a significant discrepancy in the fees charged versus those advertised. Upon visiting Axiory's website initially, I was pleasantly surprised by their fee structure, with a specifically stated charge of $3 per lot. This accessible and reasonable fee criterion was one of the main reasons that led me to park my trading investments with this platform. However, when I started executing live trades, something caught my attention. The promised commission rate appeared to be calculated differently than what the company marketed. The discrepancy became crystal clear when I calculated the commission on my trades, which was persistently evaluated at $10 per lot. Puzzled and concerned, I immediately reached out to Axiory's customer service, seeking their explanation on this rather worrisome matter. After a thorough investigation on their part, the response I received was both disconcerting and shocking. They stated, "After conducting our investigation, we can see the problem with the commission. We deeply apologise for the mistake on our website. As it stands, the commission is $10 USD/lot so let us assure you that the calculation on your trading account is indeed correct, with $1 USD for 0.1 lot position. We will correct the website information as soon as possible." Even though they acknowledged the mistake, it doesn’t change the fact that the discrepancy had already sowed seeds of doubt regarding their transparency. It is a substantial oversight on Axiory's part that could potentially mislead traders into making decisions based on inaccurate information. So, for all the trading enthusiasts out there, my advice would be to tread very carefully. The ocean of trading can be turbulent and full of hidden rocks. Transparency and accurate information are the lighthouses guiding your trading ship. Ensure they are steadfast and true before setting sail.


1 review

5 months ago Live ECN Account Review: Unveiling the $3/Lot Fee

Recently I ventured into the dynamic world of large-volume, electronic trading and opened a Live ECN account with Axiory - a site well-regarded in the sector. According to the information published on Axiory's very own website, users are briefed that the trading fees hover around $3/lot. With this understanding, I dove headfirst into live trades. However, upon meticulously observing my account and the live trades I was conducting, I was surprised to see that the commissions were hitting the roof at $10/lot - a stark contrast to what Axiory's site purported. Naturally, as any perplexed trader would do, I addressed my concerns and queried this anomalous discrepancy. Axiory’s response was rather unsettling. "Following our investigation, we've discovered an issue with the commission. We sincerely apologize; it appears we've erroneously posted some information on our website. We are in the process of rectifying it as quickly as possible. Your trading account's commission is correctly calculated at 10 USD/lot. This means you pay 1 USD for every 0.1 lot position.” This major oversight on Axiory's part was rather disappointing. As traders, we rely heavily on the platforms we choose to provide us with accurate and reliable information. This instance served as a reminder to approach every transaction with caution and always cross-check information, especially when it pertains to the trading fees. Fellow traders, let this be a moment of realization that not everything appears as it seems, and you must remain vigilant in your financial endeavors with Axiory.