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GPS Forex Robot

GPS Forex Robot is a highly regarded forex expert advisor (EA) developed by Mark Larsen and two other programmers in 2010. This EA operates on the MetaTrader platform and aims to predict short-term market movements with a high probability of success, similar to a GPS navigator guiding a car. The developers claim that the robot is correct 98% of the time, and in the remaining 2% of cases, it implements a reverse strategy to cover any small losses. The latest version of the GPS Forex Robot is version 3, which is compatible with trading instruments such as EURUSD, USDCHF, and EURGBP currency pairs. The EA does not require a specific trading timeframe. To further validate its performance, the GPS Forex Robot has undergone almost 10 years of Real Account Performance Testing on Forex Peace Army, where it has achieved an impressive 570% profit. It is important to maintain a neutral perspective when considering this company.

Review GPS Forex Robot

GPS Forex Robot is a forex expert advisor (EA) for the MetaTrader platform introduced by Mark Larsen and two other programmers in 2010. The developers describe the trading system as a GPS navigator for the forex market, aiming to predict short-term movements with a high probability of success. They named it "GPS Forex Robot" because it is right 98% of the time. In the 2% of cases when it is wrong, the EA has a reverse strategy that opens a trade in the opposite direction to cover the small loss.

The latest version of GPS Forex Robot is version 3, and it is compatible with trading instruments such as EURUSD, USDCHF, and EURGBP currency pairs. Unlike other EAs, GPS Forex Robot does not require a specific trading timeframe, providing flexibility for traders.

One notable aspect of GPS Forex Robot is its impressive Real Account Performance Test on Forex Peace Army, which has been running for almost 10 years. As of the time of this description update, the EA has generated a remarkable 570% profit.

Pros and Cons


  • High probability of success in predicting short-term movements
  • Includes a reverse strategy to cover small losses
  • Compatible with popular currency pairs
  • No specific trading timeframe required
  • Impressive long-term performance on Real Account Performance Test


  • No specific cons mentioned

Scammer or Not?

Based on the available information, there are no indications that GPS Forex Robot is a scam. The EA has been developed by experienced programmers and has a long track record of success, as demonstrated by its Real Account Performance Test on Forex Peace Army.

Safety Check

While GPS Forex Robot appears to be a legitimate and reliable EA, it is always essential for traders to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before investing their funds. It is recommended to test the EA on a demo account and monitor its performance before using it on a live trading account.


Q: Can I leave feedback about my experience with GPS Forex Robot?

A: Yes, you can leave your feedback about your experience with GPS Forex Robot on the website.

This review of GPS Forex Robot provides an overview of the EA's features, its compatibility with the MetaTrader platform, and its impressive long-term performance. Traders should conduct their own research and consider their individual trading strategies and risk tolerance before using any expert advisor.

GPS Forex Robot Review: Expert Advisor for MetaTrader Platform

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Marianne jacquet

1 review

5 months ago

GPS Forex Robot: A Disturbing Refund Experience Review

In an online sea that's replete with a myriad of Forex trading tools, GPS Forex Robot appears to be packaged as a promising sail. Unfortunately, my personal engagement and deep dive into the offerings of this company have been far less than gratifying. Attempting to obtain a refund from GPS Forex Robot has proven to be exceptionally challenging, a process metaphorically akin to yelling into a void. This odd communication deficit has left me feeling unheard and ignored, an experience I believe is crucial to share with prospective users. Until this moment, my digital footprint exemplifies my consistent endeavor to post fair and constructive reviews. Yet, my recent unsavory encounter with this particular company nudges me to break that convention. My purpose remains not to tarnish the company's reputation but to help future consumers make informed decisions while also compelling the company to holistically improve their customer relations. In the circle of commercial trading, a company's credibility and reputation are heavily influenced by its customer support service. Trust, once breached, is arduously slow to regain. Thus, I'm dismayed and let down by GPS Forex Robot's apparent apathy towards my valid concerns. This lack of timely communication and resolving issues seamlessly has made this business engagement thoroughly disheartening. Using a Forex trading tool involves risking hard-earned money; the least a company can offer is reliable customer support. GPS Forex Robot, regrettably, falls short in this respect. As a tool that stakes its reputation on fostering convenience and success in trading, its inability to execute a straightforward refund process becomes alarmingly discordant with its claimed ethos. In a nutshell, GPS Forex Robot should ideally focus on revamping its customer service strategy. Otherwise, it risks alienating its users and irrevocably damaging its reputational standing in this fiercely competitive trading arena. If you're contemplating onboarding their service, I would recommend caution; and if there’s a need for a refund, prepare for a labyrinthine and deflating ordeal.

Marianne jacquet

1 review

5 months ago

GPS Forex Robot: Unresolved Refund Issue - A Cautionary Review

It is not my usual practice to shed a negative spotlight on a company unless circumstances make it absolutely necessary. Today, however, I feel compelled to break the norm and share my less than satisfactory experience with the GPS Forex Robot – a caveat for those considering getting on board. The primary bone of contention lies squarely on an unsettled refund that I have been tirelessly trying to progress. The company seems to have dropped off the radar, ignoring my consistent attempts of communication, leaving my emails unanswered and reflecting a dearth of customer dealings. This unanticipated silence forms a stark contrast to the perfect communication they initially portray, adding distress to my already gloomy encounter. To make matters worse, the GPS Forex Robot, touted as the beacon of reliability, didn't live up to their promised standards. Placing trust in a brand is a two-way street, founded on respect and credibility. When one party shirks its responsibility, the scales of trust inevitably tip, painting the scene of a seriously flawed company. Pleasant customer experiences are a quintessential part of any successful brand; unfortunately, my experience discloses a different story – one where customer relationship takes a backseat. If any potential investors are reading this review, a word of advice: tread with caution. In a world as financially volatile as Forex trading, finding trustworthy partners is essential – partners who don’t vanish when you ask hard but necessary questions. This is my cautionary tale for those considering GPS Forex Robot - a tale of ignored requests and unresolved issues. While my decision to leave a negative review might appear extreme to some, it is forged from my experience and served in the hope of aiding potential customers in making informed decisions. It pays to bear in mind that the reputation of a company lies not only in its profits but also in its ability to effectively manage the trust and investments of its clients.


1 review

5 months ago

GPS Forex Robot: A Review on Challenging Refund Processes

In today's digital marketplace, the customer support and refund experience are just as crucial as the quality of the product itself. Unfortunately, my encounter with GPS Forex Robot has been far from satisfactory, mainly due to their challenging refund process. When I initially decided to invest in the GPS Forex Robot, a leading financial trading tool, I was certain my investment would be a wise one. However, the outcome was quite contrary to my expectations. Upon realizing that this software was not going to fulfill my needs as anticipated, I decided to evoke the option of a refund, hoping to have a smooth transaction. However, I was met with radio silence on the other side – a deafening indicator of neglect from the company's part. Despite continuous attempts to reach out, my pleas further sank into the abyss of indifference. As a genuine customer, this made the stress of my situation even worse. Generally, I pride myself on being reasonable and not jumping to pass judgments hastily. Nonetheless, I believe in the power of reviews and their ability to guide the audience - customers and businesses alike. It is with this intention I pen this review. My interactions with GPS Forex Robot, based on their glaring problems in customer support and refund protocol, have hardly left me with a positive experience to share. I am compiling this review, not out of vengeance, but as a cautionary tale for others who might be considering GPS Forex Robot. It's crucial to be mindful of these potential complications even when a service claims to guarantee customer satisfaction effectively. Above all, it's disappointing to see a company that has the potential to make great strides in the financial market lose sight of basic business ethics: respect for the customer's voice and value for their investment. A company indeed leaves a lasting imprint through its customer service, and in the case of GPS Forex Robot, it seems to be an unfortunate one. While I don't make a habit of writing negative reviews, my encounter with the company's challenging refund process is a flag that future customers should be aware of when investing in GPS Forex Robot.


1 review

5 months ago

GPS Forex Robot: A Detailed Review on Refund Issues

In the world of Forex trading, the significance of a reliable and profitable robot cannot be overstated. For those looking for such a partner, this comprehensive review of the GPS Forex Robot is a must-read - drawing keen attention to an increasingly alarming aspect, the refund process. After spending ample time exploring the product, I realized I was not reaping the benefits as I had initially anticipated. This led me to the logical next step of requesting a refund, a course that surprisingly has been fraught with difficulties. Despite my best attempts to contact their customer service, I’ve yet to receive a reply - nothing more than stony silence. Such an unresponsive attitude from a company has compelled me to share my less than favorable experience. As a rule, I refrain from posting negative reviews, unless they are absolutely unavoidable. The reason is simple - every product or service has its ups and downs and it is often in the user’s hands to make the most out of it. However, my experience with GPS Forex Robot has differed substantially, and unfortunately, not in a positive way. I feel obligated to raise the red flag, sending a word of caution to potential users. This isn't about discrediting the company, but rather revealing the apparent lapses in its customer service and refund process. In essence, although GPS Forex Robot may have its merits in the Forex trading sphere, the poor communication and the complexities involved in the refund procedure leave much to be desired. Potential customers must weigh the potential benefits against these undeniable drawbacks. This review serves as a word of caution, and hopefully, an impetus for the company to better their customer service and refund policies, ensuring their clients don't feel left hanging in uncertainty and doubt. After all, a company's reputation isn't just built on the quality of their product, but also their ability to approach and rectify customer concerns efficiently and effectively.


1 review

5 months ago

GPS Forex Robot: A Review of Customer Service Issues

In an era where technology-enhanced trading, like the GPS Forex Robot, is thriving, my disheartening encounter revolves around unanticipated customer service issues. The beckoning promise of efficient money management perished under the weight of non-responsive service. To solidify my concerns, I regretfully stress, this is a company I had initially regarded with high expectations, never having imagined the necessity for a negative review. I'm someone who believes in providing constructive criticisms and usually refrains from dispelling negativity. However, the sub-par experience I've had recently forces me to break this norm. My journey with GPS Forex Robot started promisingly, counting on their well-advertised efficient algorithms and optimum trade executions. However, my encounter took a downturn when I found a need to retrieve my funds. Contrary to their proclaimed seamless process of providing refunds, my multiple attempts to engage their customer service encountered a stern wall of silence. Emails sent, conversations initiated, and yet, my pleas fell on seemingly deaf corporate ears. Such passive responses or rather a lack of it, have left an adverse impact, leading me to believe that the service I signed up for has veered off its pledged course. To be candid, my disappointing experience seems to be turning my perception that GPS Forex Robot is not the reliable entity I had initially perceived it to be. The struggle to secure a promised refund, compounded by the disheartening ignorance from their customer service, has indeed shifted my faith in the company. In this digital trading landscape, the importance of robust customer assistance cannot be underplayed. However, my unfortunate experiences with GPS Forex Robot’s customer service seem to be overshadowed by their disinterest in effectively addressing problems and complaints. This resounding silence from their end, unfortunately, speaks louder than their commitments, casting a shadow over an otherwise efficient trading tool. In conclusion, while the financial technology that GPS Forex Robot offers may have potential benefits for some, my experience strays from the narrative that their service is customer-focused. My hopes of seeing a resolution continue to dwindle with each ignored appeal. As I pen down my journey, I hope this detailed review paints a clearer picture for potential customers, shedding light on the struggles that might ensue in the context of demanding proper client service from GPS Forex Robot.


1 review

5 months ago

GPS Forex Robot: Ignored Refund Requests & Poor Service Review

In the world of Forex trading, finding the right tools and resources that assure transparency, integrity, and reliability can often seem like a herculean task. One comes across a plethora of options, but not all meet expectations—a perfect example being the GPS Forex Robot. Regrettably, my quest for a refund is thriving due to its poor service that utterly disappoints with an unforeseen unheard response. I've always believed that a review, good or bad, should be presented when merited. I'm not the type to flippantly smear a company's reputation, but in this instance, I feel compelled to share my bitter experience with the GPS Forex Robot—their lack of respect for a customer's request for a refund is reprehensible. Upon subscribing to their service, my expectations were high, believing in what they promise—a resourceful companion in my Forex trading journey. But as time passed, not only did it fail to deliver, it left me in a dreadful, undesirable lurch. I was unsatisfied and logically, I called for a refund––a request that still echoes unanswered. This harrowing experience highlighted the company's regrettable unprofessional practices, a lackluster approach to customer service, and a surprising inability to honor its own refund policy. The silent treatment one receives when asking for a refund is both frustrating and alarming. Such behavior from a Forex trading service platform should raise eyebrows and cause potential customers to reconsider before investing. In conclusion, my unpalatable experience with GPS Forex Robot serves a cautionary tale for others in the Forex trading world. It underscores the importance of thorough background checks and reading other users' experiences before diving into any investment. I hope that my review will assist those considering the GPS Forex Robot as a trading tool. Be vigilant, weigh your options carefully, and always tread with caution when risk and hard-earned money are involved. To GPS Forex Robot: It's never too late to amend hastily made decisions. Improve your customer service and respect your refund policies, and maybe then, you can paint an appealing picture of your product and regain trust in this competitive market.