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In this review, we delve into the operations of, a forex broker that has been on the scene since 2016. With its headquarters in Vanuatu, this broker has made a name for itself in the forex trading industry, offering a wide range of trading options including over 45 forex currency pairs, index cfds, energy, gold, silver, oil and even bitcoin for personal investment and trading. The company utilizes top platforms such as MT4, MT5 and WebTrader, and provides mobile trading capabilities for on-the-go investors. With a minimum trade size of 0.01 and a maximum leverage of 200:1, offers flexibility for both new and experienced traders. The broker also supports a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, including bank transfers, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several others, making transactions smooth for its users. Additionally, it allows for the use of EAs/Robots, news trading and scalping. Despite its relatively low minimum to open live at $100, it's important to note that the company is regulated by the VFSC. In the ever-evolving world of forex trading, seems to be keeping up with the pace, providing a comprehensive platform for traders worldwide.


In the realm of Forex Trading, PureMarketBroker has carved its niche as a reliable forex broker. Established in 2016, the company offers a diverse range of trading options to its users, including over 45 forex currency pairs, index CFDs, commodities like gold, silver, oil, and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Trading Platforms

PureMarketBroker provides its users with multiple platforms for Forex Trading. These include MT4 and MT5, which are top-rated platforms in the forex market. The company also offers WebTrader for web-based trading. For those who prefer to trade on the go, PureMarketBroker has mobile trading options available.

Trading Conditions

With PureMarketBroker, users can start trading with a minimum trade size of 0.01. The maximum leverage offered by the company is 200:1, which is a standard ratio in the forex market. The minimum amount to open a live account is $100. The company also supports various trading strategies including EAs/Robots, news trading, and scalping.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

For the convenience of its users, PureMarketBroker supports a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods. These include traditional methods like Bank Wire (BankTransfer/SWIFT), as well as digital methods like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether/Ethereum, Ripple, and others.

Managed Accounts & Social Trading

PureMarketBroker offers PAMM accounts, which allow users to have their accounts managed by experienced traders. This is an excellent option for novice traders or those who do not have the time to manage their trading activities.

Pros and Cons

Like any other forex broker, PureMarketBroker has its strengths and weaknesses. One of its major strengths is the diverse range of trading options it offers. The company also provides multiple platforms for trading, which caters to the preferences of different traders. However, the company is relatively new in the market, which might be a concern for some traders.

Scammer or Not

PureMarketBroker is regulated by VFSC #14801, which is a positive sign of its legitimacy. However, as with any forex broker, users are advised to conduct their research and due diligence before investing.

Safety Check

In terms of safety, PureMarketBroker has taken measures to protect its users' investments. The company is regulated and offers secure payment methods. However, users should always take precautions when trading in the forex market.


Some common questions about PureMarketBroker include:

  • What is the minimum deposit to open a live account? - $100
  • What trading platforms does PureMarketBroker offer? - MT4, MT5, and WebTrader
  • Does PureMarketBroker support mobile trading? - Yes
  • What is the maximum leverage offered by PureMarketBroker? - 200:1

Users are encouraged to share their experiences with PureMarketBroker on the website. This is an independent review of the company.

PureMarketBroker: Top Forex Trading with Diverse Options

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1 review

5 months ago

Efficient Trading with PureMarketBroker: Fast Orders & Quick Returns

In the rapidly advancing realm of online trading, it's absolutely vital to invest with a broker that's going to provide both excellent service and reliable returns. Pure Market demonstrates the perfect combination of these traits. With their ultra-fast trading orders, you can stay ahead of the curve, optimize your investments, and be the first to pounce on profitable opportunities. Speed isn't only part of their operational DNA, but it resonates in their monetary transactions as well. You can expect your profits back in your account in just a single day. The use of Etana Custody signifies Pure Market's dedication to client safety. Maneuvering your investments with such a reputable custodian service conveys the assurance that your funds are highly protected. The Pamm (Percentage Allocation Management Module) manager is a game changer for professional and novice traders alike. This software helps investors monitor and manage accounts with ease and precision. What makes trading with Pure Market even more enticing is the prospect of their zero spread offering. It genuinely boosts your profitability by lowering trading costs. This feature particularly gratifies those who are into high-frequency trading. The strength of any organization lies in its prompt and professional customer service. Pure Market’s help desk supports this statement wholeheartedly. Their experienced and knowledgeable professionals are just a call away to solve any trading-related issues swiftly. In total, with its stellar service offerings and advanced trading features, Pure Market stands tall as a good and reliable broker for all. They fully deserve a 5-star rating for their top-notch delivery of services. Enhanced security, undiluted support, minimum trading costs, and super-fast operations - Pure Market has redefined superior trading experience.


1 review

5 months ago

Ultimate PureMarketBroker Review: Fast Trading & Zero Spread Services

Embarking on the fascinating path of trading requires a reliable partner, and Pure Market does an impeccable job at being that trustworthy ally. The exceptional rapidity in executing trading orders sets them apart from the rest, making it an experience akin to trading at the speed of lightning. With such swift responsiveness, the thrills of trading are brought to the purview without delay, ensuring you never miss an advantageous trading opportunity. One of the most unique features that Pure Market brings to the table is the assurance of getting your money back within a day. This is a refreshing change in the world of lengthy financial processes, further enhancing the trust and reliability quotient of Pure Market. For those looking for security in transactions, Pure Market leaves no stone unturned. They collaborate with Etana Custody, ensuring your funds are safeguarded thoroughly, giving traders the peace of mind they need. Adding more feathers to its impressive hat, Pure Market offer PAMM Manager services. This is a particularly handy provision for those looking to step into the world of managed accounts. The seamless access to highly skilled PAMM managers provides a significant edge to your trading endeavors, taking the stress out of life while providing potentially profitable opportunities. A special mention must be given to the more-than-generous spread from zero. This economical offering gives traders a much-needed break from the often-hefty spread costs, trimming down overall trading charges. And not to forget, this opens doors to trading opportunities that otherwise could have been constrained by spread costs. When it comes to support services, Pure Market proves themselves as a true professional. Their help desk team displays expertise, courtesy, and commendable promptness, dealing with a wide range of queries and concerns. Besides their technical proficiency, their customer-centric approach is heartwarming, making every interaction a pleasant experience. Summing up, if there's a definition of a good and reliable broker, it would surely spell 'Pure Market.’ With an array of unique and beneficial trading services, top-notch customer service, and a steadfast commitment to delivering the best, they are setting new benchmarks in the trading world. For me, they undoubtedly deserve a 5-star rating, setting a high bar for everyone else in the industry. Truly, with Pure Market, trading becomes not just a rewarding adventure but a delightful journey.


1 review

5 months ago

Review: PureMarketBroker - Fast Trading, Quick Returns & Zero Spread

Are you on the hunt for an effective, reliable and lightning-fast broker? Then look no further than Pure Market Broker. It's not just a brokerage; it's a service that truly understands the value of your time and money. First, let's delve into their speed. In the volatile and fast-paced world of trading, time is a resource more precious than gold. Pure Market nails it when it comes to executing orders hastily. Their trading platform leaves no room for lags or delays, with each order dealt with immediately and seamlessly. Next, let's talk about their rapid returns. With Pure Market, you can forget about the typical tedious waiting periods for your money to reach your bank account. Often within 24 hours, your money is back where it belongs - in your pocket. The speed of their transactions is truly commendable, which not only amplifies the thrill of trading but also uplifts the overall user experience. In conjunction with their quick returns, Pure Market's association with Etana custody showcases their commitment to building trust and maintaining transparency with their clients. Being a global leader in digital asset security, Etana custody endorses and strengthens Pure Market's promise of providing a secure trading environment. Moreover, Pure Market offers a unique feature rarely seen in today's broker platforms - A Pamm manager. Providing complete transparency, the Pamm manager aids novice traders by offering access to trading strategies employed by experienced traders, which can be a gold mine for learning and growing your trading prowess. Let's not forget about the icing on the cake - the zero spread. Pure Market remains competitive by keeping the spread from zero. This not only ensures that you make the most out of each trade but also serves as a testament to Pure Market's commitment to providing excellent trading conditions. Lastly, kudos to their extremely professional help desk. Be it for technical issues or trading related queries, their help desk is always ready to assist. With a penchant for helping clients navigate their trading journey, Pure Market's customer service is highly efficient and approachable. In conclusion, Pure Market is not just a good broker; rather, it is an exceptional one. It's a platform that clearly prioritises the traders’ needs and experiences before anything else. So for me, it undeniably earns a stellar 5-star rating. Here's a broker service that truly encapsulates the essence of fast trading, swift returns, and zero spread."