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Forex Trading Tools have revolutionized the traditional way of trading, adding an element of ease and precision. One such advancement is the Auto Close Forex software. This user-friendly tool is designed to automatically close positions based on the profit or loss parameters set by the user, maximizing Forex profits.

Automated Position Closure: A Game-Changer

The Auto Close Forex software supports two types of position closure: “Total Profit” and “Single Profit”. The user has the flexibility to choose between these options based on their trading strategy.

Total Profit Position Closure

The “Total Profit” option is ideal for those who prefer to close all positions simultaneously. When the total profit or loss reaches a predefined threshold, the software automatically closes all positions. This feature is specifically designed to safeguard your capital from potential market downturns and lock in profits when the market is in your favor.

Single Profit Position Closure

The “Single Profit” option allows for individual position closures. This means that once a single profit or loss limit is reached, the software will close that specific position. This approach offers higher control over each trade, allowing traders to secure profits or limit losses on a case-by-case basis.

Features and Limitations of Auto Close Forex

While the Auto Close Forex tool is a boon for traders, it’s essential to understand its limitations. Firstly, the software does not open any positions. It solely focuses on closing positions based on the parameters set by the user. Therefore, it is not a complete automated trading solution but rather a useful add-on to manage trades.

Secondly, the tool only provides market orders. Given the nature of Forex trading, market volatility may lead to slippage, meaning the executed price might be different than the requested price. This is a common occurrence in the Forex market and not a software-specific limitation.

Why Choose Auto Close Forex?

Despite these limitations, Auto Close Forex stands out as a valuable tool in a trader’s arsenal due to its potential to maximize Forex profits. The ability to automate the position closure based on profit and loss thresholds can save time, reduce trading stress, and bring precision to trading decisions. Plus, the flexibility to choose between “Total Profit” and “Single Profit” closures caters to different trading styles and risk appetites.

Independent Testing and User Experiences

For a more comprehensive understanding of this product, independent testing results are available on These results can provide valuable insights into the software’s performance under various market conditions. Users are also encouraged to subscribe to updates on the testing results of this product.

Furthermore, users are invited to share their experiences with the Auto Close Forex software. This feedback can help potential users make an informed decision and aid the developers in making the software more efficient.


1. Does Auto Close Forex open positions?

No, the software does not open any positions. It only closes positions based on the set parameters.

2. Does the software provide limit orders?

No, the software only provides market orders. Consequently, positions can suffer slippage due to market volatility.

3. Where can I find independent testing results of the software?

Independent testing results can be found on the website.

In conclusion, the Auto Close Forex software represents a significant advancement in the realm of Forex trading. Its automated position closure feature based on pre-set profit or loss parameters can be a valuable tool for traders. However, like any trading tool, it is vital to understand its features and limitations to use it effectively.

Auto Close Forex Software Review: Maximize Profits with Automated Position Closures

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