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AW Workpad is a multifunctional trading control panel designed for manual and semi-automatic trading. It offers a wide range of features and tools that can enhance a trader’s experience in the forex market. In this review, we will explore the key functionalities of AW Workpad and provide a professional trader’s perspective on its effectiveness.

Features and Benefits

Flexible Settings and Intuitive Interface

One of the standout features of AW Workpad is its flexible settings and intuitive panel interface. Traders can easily customize the control panel according to their preferences and trading strategies. The user-friendly interface ensures that traders can navigate through the various tabs and functions seamlessly.

Comprehensive Trading Control

AW Workpad offers a comprehensive set of tools for managing market orders. The “POSITIONS” tab allows traders to open and modify buy and sell orders, adjust stop loss and take profit values, lock positions, set breakeven levels, and apply trailing stop adjustments. The “PENDING” tab enables users to place and remove stop and limit orders with ease. Traders can also adjust position volumes and set common stop loss and take profit values for order baskets.

Multi-Period Analysis and Indicators

The “INDICATORS” tab in AW Workpad provides a comprehensive overview of the market by displaying signals from 10 popular indicators on 8 different time frames. Traders can monitor buy and sell signals across multiple time frames simultaneously, making it easier to identify potential trading opportunities. The inclusion of classic indicators allows for a multi-period analysis, giving traders a more holistic view of the market.

Efficient Order Management

AW Workpad streamlines the process of managing orders. The “CLOSE” tab allows traders to close individual orders or a basket of orders based on total profit or loss. It also provides a trailing function for total profit and allows for the setting of take profit and stop loss values in money, points, or as a percentage of the deposit. Additionally, traders can close all buy or sell orders or close all orders with just a single click.


Can AW Workpad be used on different timeframes and symbols?

Yes, AW Workpad is compatible with all timeframes and can be used with various symbols including currencies, indices, oil, metals, and stocks. Traders have the flexibility to apply the control panel to different trading instruments.

Is technical support available for AW Workpad?

Yes, technical support is provided for AW Workpad. Traders can reach out to the AW Trading team at for any questions or assistance they may need.

Where can I find independent testing of AW Workpad?

You can find independent testing of AW Workpad on the website. It provides valuable insights and real-world performance results that can help traders make informed decisions about using this control panel.


AW Workpad is a powerful multifunctional trading control panel that offers a wide range of features and tools for forex traders. Its flexible settings, intuitive interface, and comprehensive order management capabilities make it a valuable asset for both manual and semi-automatic trading. The inclusion of multi-period analysis and classic indicators further enhances the trading experience. Overall, AW Workpad provides traders with a convenient and efficient solution for managing their trades in the forex market.

Share Your Experience

If you have used AW Workpad, we invite you to share your experience with us. Let us know how this multifunctional trading control panel has impacted your trading strategies and results. Your insights and feedback can help other traders make informed decisions about incorporating AW Workpad into their trading toolkit.

AW Workpad Review: A Professional Forex Trader’s Perspective on this Multifunctional Trading Control Panel

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