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Update: 7 Feb 2024
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Forex software has revolutionized the way traders approach the market. With its advanced algorithms and lightning-fast execution, it has become an indispensable tool for traders worldwide. One such software that has gained significant attention is Dejavu Pro, a fast scalper designed specifically for XAUUSD trading.

Dejavu Pro operates based on price movements within a specific time period. Its unique algorithmic filtering ensures accurate and timely trade executions. The software excels at following short trends simultaneously, making it an ideal choice for traders looking to capitalize on quick market movements.

What sets Dejavu Pro apart is its exceptional speed and activity in trading. It is specifically optimized for XAUUSD trading, making it an excellent choice for traders interested in the gold market. The software’s performance is further enhanced by its ability to adapt to changing market conditions, ensuring consistent profitability.

To enhance the user experience, Dejavu Pro offers a private MQL5 group where members can share new set files. This exclusive community allows traders to discuss strategies and optimize their trading experience. By purchasing the Dejavu Pro robot, traders gain access to this private group, where they can benefit from the collective knowledge and expertise of fellow members.

For optimal results, Dejavu Pro recommends using a time frame of M1. Additionally, it is advised to adjust the settings for GOLD/XAUUSD trading by enabling the HideStopLoss feature and enabling the TrailingStop option. Trailing from Minus is the recommended trailing option, although traders have the flexibility to disable this feature if desired. To avoid any order issues, it is crucial to assign a different magic number to each pair.

To ensure the software operates within desired market hours, traders can set the start and end hours for opening and closing positions. Dejavu Pro is designed to open only one position until the order is closed, making it suitable for traders with limited deposits.

In conclusion, Dejavu Pro is a powerful forex software that offers fast and efficient trading for XAUUSD. Its advanced algorithms, combined with its focus on short trends, make it a valuable tool for traders seeking quick profits. The private MQL5 group provides an added advantage, allowing traders to collaborate and optimize their trading strategies. For independent testing and updates on the performance of Dejavu Pro, traders can visit Share your experience with Dejavu Pro and join the community of successful traders leveraging this innovative software.

Dejavu Pro Forex Software Review: Fast Scalper for XAUUSD Trading

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1 review

2 months ago

Unbiased Review: Dejavu Pro - A Game Changer Forex Trading Software

The author of this software, Arief, has shown a commendable commitment to continuous improvement. This is evident in the regular updates that have been rolled out since the software's launch. Each update has been a step forward, addressing issues and enhancing the software's performance.The turning point for me was the release of version 1.44. This version brought a significant change in my trading performance. For the first time, I started seeing consistent profits. The software's algorithms seemed to have been tweaked to perfection, enabling it to make more accurate predictions and execute trades more efficiently.What I appreciate most about Dejavu Pro is its user-friendly interface. Even for someone who is not tech-savvy, navigating through the software is a breeze. The features are well laid out and easy to understand, making it possible to customize the software to suit my trading style and preferences.The customer support is another aspect that sets Dejavu Pro apart. Arief and his team are always ready to assist whenever I encounter any challenges or have any queries. Their response is swift, and they go out of their way to ensure that any issue is resolved to the customer's satisfaction.In conclusion, Dejavu Pro has been a game-changer for me. It has transformed my trading experience, turning what was once a losing venture into a profitable one. I am grateful to Arief for this incredible software and look forward to more updates that will further enhance its performance. If you are a forex trader looking for a reliable and efficient EA, I highly recommend Dejavu Pro.

Admin Admin

1 review

2 months ago

Dejavu Pro Review: Unraveling High-Performing Forex Trading Software

I had used the configuration settings suggested by the seller during a discussion chat, but unfortunately, it did not yield any positive outcomes. The software's configuration settings are quite complex and without a comprehensive understanding of what each setting does, it's challenging to know what to adjust for optimal performance.I reached out to the creator of the EA, hoping for some guidance, but the response I received was far from helpful. I believe that the administrators of this platform should enforce stricter rules for sellers, ensuring that they provide quality customer service and respond to user queries in a timely and helpful manner.As of now, I am rating the software two stars, not for its performance, but for the creator's lack of support and the complexity of its configuration. I will continue to test the software and provide updates on my experience.Update 29/05/20022: After several attempts to make the software work for me, I have come to the conclusion that Dejavu Pro is only profitable in demo mode. I would advise against purchasing this software as it has proven to be ineffective in a live trading environment. I regret to say that my experience with Dejavu Pro has been largely disappointing."

Borys Ivanov

1 review

2 months ago

Enhance Forex Trades: Unbiased Review of Dejavu Pro Software

One feature I particularly appreciate is the ability to set trading time limits. For instance, I can set the software to only trade between 2 am and 10 pm. This feature has proven to be incredibly useful, as it allows me to ensure that I'm only trading during the most profitable hours of the day.Another aspect of Dejavu Pro that I find impressive is the detailed transaction history it provides. It gives me a comprehensive overview of all my trades, including the time they were filled, the currency pair I traded, whether I bought or sold, and the amount I traded. This level of detail is invaluable for tracking my trading performance and identifying areas where I can improve.The software also provides a unique ModeTrading feature, which allows me to customize my trading strategy. I can choose between different modes, each designed to suit a specific trading style or market condition. This flexibility has enabled me to adapt my trading strategy to a variety of market conditions, enhancing my profitability.In terms of usability, Dejavu Pro is highly intuitive and user-friendly. Even as a beginner, I found it easy to navigate and understand. The software also offers excellent customer support, which I've found to be responsive and helpful whenever I've had queries or encountered issues.Overall, Dejavu Pro has proven to be a reliable and effective tool for forex trading. It offers a wealth of features and a high level of customization, making it a versatile choice for both beginners and experienced traders. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their forex trading performance.

3 months ago


The perfect algorithm for scalping. I tried it not only on gold, but also on currency pairs. In principle, everything is fine.