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The EA Maximum Breakout Scalper MT5 is a powerful Forex trading Expert Advisor (EA) that utilizes a scalping strategy on the MT5 platform. It is designed to take advantage of high price fluctuations in the market and generate consistent profits. In this review, we will analyze the real results of this EA and explore the download options available.

Real Results

The EA Maximum Breakout Scalper MT5 has been extensively tested and monitored, providing real-time data on its performance. The results have shown impressive profitability and consistent gains. Traders who have used this EA have reported positive experiences and significant returns on their investments.

By utilizing a complex mathematical algorithm, the EA identifies high price fluctuations on the chart and opens pending orders when favorable market conditions are present. It uses BuyStop and SellStop pending orders to execute trades. The EA operates on the H1 timeframe, ensuring quick and efficient trading.

One of the key advantages of this EA is that it does not employ risky strategies such as Martingale or Grid. This ensures a more stable and controlled trading experience, minimizing the potential for significant losses.

Download Options

The EA Maximum Breakout Scalper MT5 is available for download on the MQL5 market. Traders can choose between the MT4 and MT5 versions, depending on their preferred trading platform. The EA can be easily installed and integrated into the trading platform, allowing traders to start using it immediately.

For traders who prefer to rely on the experiences of others, real-time monitoring of the EA’s performance is available on the MQL5 website. This provides valuable insights into the EA’s performance and allows traders to make informed decisions based on real results.


Q: Is the EA Maximum Breakout Scalper MT5 suitable for all traders?

A: The EA is designed for traders who prefer scalping strategies and are familiar with the MT5 platform. It may not be suitable for beginners or traders who prefer long-term trading strategies.

Q: Does the EA require constant monitoring?

A: The EA is designed to operate autonomously once it is set up. However, it is recommended to regularly monitor its performance and make necessary adjustments if needed.

Q: Can the EA be customized?

A: The EA has various customizable parameters that allow traders to adjust its settings according to their preferences and risk tolerance.

Overall, the EA Maximum Breakout Scalper MT5 is a reliable and profitable Forex trading Expert Advisor. Its real-time monitoring and customizable options make it a valuable tool for traders looking to optimize their trading strategies. To learn more about this EA and watch independent testing, visit the website. Share your experience with the EA and stay updated on its performance by subscribing to the website’s testing results.

EA Maximum Breakout Scalper MT5 Review: Real Results and Download Options

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3 months ago


Started use this EA. Passed no so much time after use, but already system show me good results. Middle risk and standart H1 timeframe fit for my strategy.

3 months ago


I recently had the opportunity to review the EA Maximum Breakout Scalper MT5 and I am truly impressed with its performance. The mathematical algorithm operates at a high level, which ensures controlled trading.