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The ForexVisible utility is a unique software designed to provide signal sharing and Expert Advisor (EA) monitoring for forex traders. The software is aimed at facilitating the process of copying signals and monitoring your EA on the ForexVisible site.

Key Features of ForexVisible

One of the most significant features of ForexVisible is its ability to allow easy copying of trading between terminals. This is achieved by setting one terminal as a signal and subscribing to this signal in another terminal. This feature enhances the efficiency of forex trading and reduces the time spent on manual operations.

Moreover, ForexVisible offers an advanced function that allows users to automatically take profit from selected signals for copying on the best currency pairs. This process is automated and occurs in a step-by-step manner. If there’s a profit as a result of copying signals for all transactions, for instance, 5% of the deposit, it is taken away by closing all transactions.

Optimizing Trading Strategies with ForexVisible

ForexVisible also provides a feature that allows users to select the best N pairs in trading for all selected signals. This is done by sorting, for instance, by the profit of each pair in the signal and selecting the first N pairs for copying. The utility then copies all transactions from signals from a certain date set in advance in the Chek Signals utility tab. This feature allows traders to simulate missed transactions and copy them all over again.

This utility enables traders to install several robots on a demo account and make signals from them using the ForexVisible utility. The best signals for the most profitable currency pairs from these signals are then copied to a real account, periodically taking profit in automatic mode from all signals. This strategy minimizes risks and allows traders to trade the best signals and currency pairs on one real account, without worrying about the risks on demo accounts.

Additional Features of ForexVisible

ForexVisible also allows users to manage subscriptions to other signals of other users and post your signals to the public. Users can view graphs of balance, drawdown, and profit for each pair. The utility also includes a “Check Signals” tab, where users can check and correct missed deals when copying. Missed deals may occur when the connection with the site is lost, the internet is lost, or when the terminal is closed.

Setting Up ForexVisible

To use ForexVisible, users need to register on the site and remember their login and password. They then need to add the link in the MetaTrader 5 terminal to allowed in the Settings > Expert Advisors > Allow WebRequest for the following URLs. The client is then put as a regular adviser on any available or new open chart where there is no other adviser, specifying your username and password for registering on the site in the User and Password parameters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key parameters of ForexVisible?

The key parameters of ForexVisible include Name, Url, User, Password, TimeUpdateProfitSec, and TimeUpdateBalanceSec. The Name parameter is optional and displays the name of the account or advisor on the site. The Url parameter is also optional and provides a link to the EA’s signal, if any. The User and Password parameters are required for registration on the site. TimeUpdateProfitSec is the time to update the balance, funds, etc., by default every second. TimeUpdateBalanceSec is the time to update charts on the site, by default every 300 seconds.

Where can I find independent testing of this product?

Independent testing of this product can be found on the website. Users can also subscribe to updates on the results of testing this product.

We invite readers to share their experiences of using ForexVisible. This is an independent product review, and we appreciate your feedback and insights.

ForexVisible Review: Signal Sharing & EA Monitoring Utility

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