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The GOLD Edge MT5 is a trend-following Expert Advisor (EA) specifically tailored for trading the GOLD (XAUUSD) pair, though it can be utilized on any financial instrument. This EA utilizes a blend of moving averages and multi-timeframe Relative Strength Index (RSI) to execute trades. Furthermore, it employs a GRID trading strategy for enhanced trading performance.

Key Features of GOLD Edge MT5

This Forex EA comes packed with a variety of features designed to optimize trading. One of its primary advantages is the “DD Reduce” function. This feature closes the oldest trade with a negative profit and loss, along with the most recent profitable trade when a drawdown occurs. This strategy helps to minimize losses during trading.

Another notable feature of the GOLD Edge MT5 is the ability to set a trailing stop for GRID trading and the “DD Reduce” function. This provides traders with more control over their trading activities. The EA also allows for manual trades via its panel, which are automatically settled as GRID series. This flexibility offers traders more options in managing their trading activities.

Trading with GOLD Edge MT5

While the GOLD Edge MT5 offers numerous advantages, it’s important to remember that like any EA, it can be susceptible to price movements due to significant news events. Therefore, it’s recommended to pause trading during such times. The GOLD Edge MT5 PRO version comes with the capability to pause on important news days, providing an additional layer of risk management.

For optimal performance, the recommended time frame for trading with this EA is M5. A minimum deposit of $3,000 is suggested, with a lot size of 0.01. However, for a more robust trading experience, a deposit of $6,000 or more is recommended.

Customizing the GOLD Edge MT5

The GOLD Edge MT5 allows for customization to suit individual trading preferences. The default settings can be adjusted to create a more personalized trading experience. For instance, the “Use Trailling Stop” and “Use Trailling Stop (DD Reduce)” settings can be modified to true. Additionally, the RSI ranges can be tweaked to alter the trading frequency and risk level.


Q: Can this EA be used on a real account?
A: Yes, the GOLD Edge MT5 can be used on a real trading account.

Q: Why doesn’t the EA trade as frequently as it used to?
A: The trading frequency can be influenced by the RSI Filter settings. If the RSI is out of the specified range, the EA may not execute trades. Adjusting these settings can increase the number of trades, but it may also increase the trading risk.

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This review is an independent analysis of the GOLD Edge MT5. It is aimed at providing an unbiased overview of the product to assist potential users in making an informed decision.

GOLD Edge MT5 Review: Trend-Following Forex EA with DD Reduce

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