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Gold Extractor is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your Forex trading experience by providing real-time data and analysis. With its advanced features and comprehensive panel, this tool allows you to make informed trading decisions and capitalize on market opportunities.

Gold, also known as XAUUSD, has been a highly valuable commodity for centuries, and its price is closely followed in financial markets worldwide. It is often used by hedge funders and big traders to hedge their portfolios against market risks. When the US dollar strengthens, these traders sell gold to buy US dollars, and when the US dollar weakens, they buy gold to protect their assets. This dynamic relationship between gold and the US dollar makes gold a reliable safe haven asset.

The Gold Extractor EA focuses on the correlation between gold and the US10Y bond yield. The US10Y is a debt obligation issued by the United States government with a maturity of 10 years. It pays interest at a fixed rate and is considered a key indicator of investor confidence in the market. By analyzing the US10Y bond yield and real yield (iShares TIPS Bond ETF), the Gold Extractor EA predicts gold movements and executes scalping strategies accordingly.

Key Features of Gold Extractor:

1. Complex Panel: The tool provides a comprehensive panel with all the necessary functions for manual trading. You can trade manually with a negative correlation between gold and the US10Y, using technical data from the panel.

2. Trail Function and Auto-Close: The EA includes a trail function that allows you to automatically close positions in profit. It also has an auto-close feature that enables you to set customized profit levels for automatic closure.

3. Martingale Strategy: In case of loss trades, the EA employs a martingale recovery strategy to recover losses. You can set limits on the number of martingale steps for safety, and the martingales can be closed at a custom drawdown value or when the technical trend changes.

4. Economic News and Calendar: You have access to all economic news and a calendar directly on your chart and panel. This feature helps you stay updated on market events and make informed trading decisions.

5. Bond Yield Data: The tool provides real-time data on 13 major countries’ bond yields, including the US10Y bond yield. It uses the real yield (iShares TIPS Bond ETF) with a positive correlation and the US10Y with a negative correlation to identify scalping opportunities.

Recommendations for Using Gold Extractor:

– Use an ECN (narrow spread) account with a 2-digit gold price.
– Attach the EA to the M15 timeframe for optimal performance.
– Ensure a minimum balance of $500 and leverage of 1:400 or higher.

Please note that backtesting results may not reflect real trading performance, as 50% of trade confirmations rely on online data (US10Y and iShares TIPS). The EA also utilizes an online news filter to avoid unfavorable market movements.

To watch independent testing of the Gold Extractor and stay updated on its performance, visit You can also subscribe to receive updates on the results of testing this product.

We invite you to share your experience with the Gold Extractor tool. Your feedback and insights can help other traders make informed decisions and maximize their trading potential.

Disclaimer: This is an independent product review. The text has been written in a neutral tone, focusing on the features and benefits of the Gold Extractor tool. It is not affiliated with any specific product or service.

Gold Extractor Review: Boost Your Forex Trading with Real Results

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