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The Gold Veritas MT5 is an automated forex advisor designed for quiet hours trading. This sophisticated forex software offers a fully automated approach to forex trading, ideal for those who prefer to trade during quieter market periods.

Key Features of Gold Veritas MT5

Gold Veritas MT5 is embedded with various features that make it a standout product in the forex trading market. The software is equipped with parameters for 4 currency pairs: XAUUSD, XAUJPY, XAUAUD, XAUEUR. However, prospective users should note that not all brokers offer these pairs for trading.

One of the key advantages of the Gold Veritas MT5 is the ability to use pending orders, significantly reducing slippage. Unlike other forex software, it doesn’t employ dangerous trading methods such as averaging orders or martingale. All transactions made through the software are closed within 3-5 hours and each transaction is accompanied by a stop-loss and take-profit, along with a limitation on the transaction’s lifespan.

Customization and Optimization

Gold Veritas MT5 offers an array of settings for customization and optimization. Users can adjust risk levels or tailor the software to a specific broker. The software also incorporates a built-in volatility filter, optimized for each currency pair. It’s important to note that the software does not use news filters and all trades comply with FIFO rules.

General Settings

The general settings of Gold Veritas MT5 are user-friendly. Users can set any number for all pairs, ensuring it doesn’t coincide with the magic number of other experts. They can also specify any comment convenient for recognizing trades in history. Additionally, the software allows users to set the broker’s winter time and the DST of their broker. The software also offers the option of working with a fixed lot or calculating the lot based on the user’s balance.

FAQ Section

What is the recommended amount to trade with Gold Veritas MT5?
The recommendation is $100 to trade 0.01 lots to trade all 4 pairs on the list.

Which accounts are recommended for using Gold Veritas MT5?
ECN or RAW accounts are recommended for trading with Gold Veritas MT5. It is also suggested to use low ping VPS.

Can I customize the settings of Gold Veritas MT5?
Yes, Gold Veritas MT5 allows you to customize its settings according to your preferences and risk levels.

Independent Testing and User Experience

For those interested in seeing the Gold Veritas MT5 in action, independent testing of the product is available on the website. Users can also subscribe to updates on the results of testing this product.

We invite users to share their experience of using the Gold Veritas MT5. Your feedback can provide valuable insights for prospective users and contribute to the ongoing improvement of the product.

Please note that this is an independent product review. The aim is to provide an unbiased analysis of the Gold Veritas MT5 software based on its features and user experience.

Gold Veritas MT5 Review: Automated Forex Advisor for Quiet Hours

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2 months ago

Review: Gold Veritas MT5 - Ultimate Forex Trading Software

The first thing that struck me was the user-friendly interface. It's intuitive and straightforward, making it easy for both beginners and experienced traders to navigate. The software is designed for the MT5 platform, which is a plus as it's one of the most reliable and widely used trading platforms in the industry.One of the key features that I appreciate is the compatibility with multiple brokers. I've been using Titan FX, Axiory, EXNESS, Big Boss, and GemTrade, and Gold Veritas works seamlessly with all of them. This flexibility allows me to manage my trades across different brokers without the need for multiple software.However, I would appreciate if the software could provide information on the DST and GMT of the brokers I'm using. This would be a great addition as it would help me keep track of the different time zones, especially when I'm dealing with international trades.Overall, Gold Veritas has proven to be a valuable tool in my trading arsenal. It's efficient, reliable, and versatile, making it a great choice for traders of all levels. I look forward to seeing how the software will continue to evolve and improve in the future. Thank you.