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The Golden Pickaxe MT5 is a high-performance Forex trading software that stands out in the competitive world of foreign exchange trading. This software is specifically designed to optimize trading in the gold market, making it a unique tool in the Forex market.

Unique Features of Golden Pickaxe MT5

Golden Pickaxe MT5 utilizes machine learning technology to place trades with high-profit potential. It capitalizes on real market inefficiencies, giving traders an edge over the market. The software offers five predefined set files or trading systems on gold, including XAU Risky, XAU Balanced, XAU Classic, XAU Risky Vol, and XAU Balanced Vol. Traders can choose the default option (XAU Risky) or opt for a system that aligns with their trading preferences.

Furthermore, the software allows traders to retrain the Neural Network on their broker’s data. This feature, combined with an advanced News and Stock Market Crash Filter, provides a flexible customization with a lot of filters and options. The software boasts a solid backtest and live performance, making it a reliable tool for Forex trading.

Installation and Requirements

For optimal functionality, the Golden Pickaxe MT5 should be attached to only one XAUUSD M1 chart. It requires access to the news list website and time server for news filter and time detection functions. The software is not sensitive to spread and slippage, but it is advisable to use a good ECN broker. It should run on a VPS continuously, and with only 1:30 leverage, it is recommended not to use higher than low risk settings on a less than $6000 account.

Money Management and Risk Settings

The software provides options for managing money and risk settings. Traders can decide on the opening of new grids, select the lot sizing method according to the risk they want to take, and choose the percentage of the deposit that will be used to open the initial trade. These settings allow traders to customize the software to their trading style and risk appetite.

Strategy and Performance

The Golden Pickaxe MT5 operates on a mean-reversion grid trading system. It offers a percentage pips mode, which can be turned on or off. The software comes with a Statistic Panel that features a Self Diagnostic System and Neural Network Forecast indicator.


Is the Golden Pickaxe MT5 easy to use?
Yes, the software is user-friendly, and it comes with a guide to assist traders in understanding its operations.

Can I watch independent testing of this product?
Yes, independent testing of the Golden Pickaxe MT5 can be viewed on the website. You can also subscribe to updates on the results of testing this product.

Can I share my experience of using this product?
Absolutely, sharing your experiences helps other traders make informed decisions about the product.

This independent product review is designed to provide an unbiased evaluation of the Golden Pickaxe MT5. It is not affiliated with the product or its creators. The review is based on the product’s features, performance, and user experience.

Golden Pickaxe MT5 Review: High-Performance Forex Trading Software

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2 months ago

Unbiased Review: Golden Pickaxe MT5, Top Forex Trading Solution

As a seasoned forex trader, I've had my fair share of experiences with various trading software. However, 'Golden Pickaxe MT5' stands out from the crowd. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with its advanced features, makes it a must-have tool for any serious trader.The software's precision in identifying profitable trades is nothing short of impressive. It's like having a seasoned trader by your side, guiding you through the volatile forex market. The 'Golden Pickaxe MT5' has significantly improved my trading strategy, helping me make more informed decisions and ultimately, increasing my profits.What I appreciate most about the software is its adaptability. It's designed to cater to both novice and experienced traders. As a seasoned trader, I find the advanced features particularly useful. However, I can easily see how a beginner would benefit from the software's user-friendly design and easy-to-understand instructions.The customer support is also top-notch. Valeria, you've been incredibly helpful and responsive, addressing any queries I had promptly and efficiently. It's clear that you value your customers and their satisfaction.In conclusion, the 'Golden Pickaxe MT5' is a powerful tool that has transformed my trading experience. It's reliable, efficient, and user-friendly. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their forex trading game. Keep up the great work, Valeria!"

2 months ago

Unveiling Golden Pickaxe MT5: The Ultimate Forex Trading Software Review

The design of the software is impressive, both aesthetically and functionally. The user interface is clean and intuitive, making it easy to navigate even for those who aren't tech-savvy. But what truly sets Golden Pickaxe MT5 apart is its robust functionality. The grid-based system is a breath of fresh air in the world of gold trading, providing a level of control and precision that I haven't found in any other software.But it's not just about the design and functionality. The results speak for themselves. Since I started using Golden Pickaxe MT5, I've seen a significant improvement in my trading performance. The software's advanced algorithms and innovative features have given me an edge in the market, allowing me to make more informed decisions and ultimately, more profitable trades.What's more, the support team behind Golden Pickaxe MT5 is top-notch. They've been incredibly responsive and helpful, providing timely updates and addressing any issues that arise. It's clear that they're committed to their users' success, and that's something I greatly appreciate.In conclusion, Golden Pickaxe MT5 is more than just a trading software. It's a comprehensive tool that has revolutionized the way I trade gold. I've been waiting a long time for a software like this, and I can confidently say that it was worth the wait. Keep up the great work, Golden Pickaxe MT5 team. You've truly created something special."