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Forex trading is a volatile and high-risk market. The ability to manage risk effectively is critical for traders. One tool that has been developed to assist with this process is the KT Equity Protector MT4. This Forex software offers a unique approach to managing risk by monitoring account equity and closing orders based on pre-set conditions.

Understanding the Function of KT Equity Protector MT4

This Forex trading tool serves as a protective shield for your trading account. It is uniquely designed to consistently monitor the account equity. The software then takes action to close all market and pending orders if the account equity reaches a specific stop loss or profit target.

Moreover, the KT Equity Protector MT4 goes the extra mile to secure your account. After all positions are closed, it can also shut all open charts. This action prevents other expert advisors from opening more trading positions, offering an additional layer of protection.

How Does Equity Stop-Loss Work?

Equity stop-loss is one of the key features of the KT Equity Protector MT4. This function is based on the current balance of your trading account. For instance, if your current account balance is $5000 and you set an equity stop loss at $500, the software will automatically close all active and pending orders when the account equity drops to $4500 or less. This mechanism helps limit your potential losses.

Maximizing Profits with the Equity Profit Target

In addition to limiting losses, the KT Equity Protector MT4 also helps to lock in profits. This is achieved through the equity profit target feature. Using the same example, if your current account balance is $5000 and you set an equity profit target of $1000, the software will close all active and pending positions once the account equity hits $6000 or more. This feature enables traders to secure their gains in a volatile market.

Input Parameters for Precise Control

The KT Equity Protector MT4 prides itself on its customizable input parameters. These include Profit Target in Account Currency, Stop Loss in Account Currency, Close All Positions, and Remove All EAs by closing all charts. This level of customization allows you to tailor the software’s operation to suit your specific trading strategies and risk tolerance.


Where can I see independent testing of KT Equity Protector MT4?

Independent testing of this product can be viewed on You can also subscribe to updates on the testing results of this product.

Can I share my experience using KT Equity Protector MT4?

Yes, users are encouraged to share their experiences using this product. This information can be beneficial to other traders and can contribute to the community of Forex traders.

Is this an independent product review?

Yes, this review is independent and is not affiliated with the product manufacturer. It is written in the third person and does not use words like “our” or “my” product.

Traders looking for a secure Forex trading platform that offers effective risk management tools should consider the KT Equity Protector MT4. Its unique features, such as the equity stop-loss and profit target, can help protect your account balance in the unpredictable world of Forex trading.

KT Equity Protector MT4 Review: Secure Forex Trading

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