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Lighthouse MT5, a reliable and precise support and resistance indicator, has become a significant tool for many successful Forex traders. Its unique features and settings have made it an essential part of profitable trading strategies. This article will delve into the key features, settings, and benefits of this Forex software, providing a comprehensive review for potential users.

Key Features of Lighthouse MT5

One of the main attractions of Lighthouse MT5 is its automated adjustment to the underlying time frame. This feature allows the software to display only significant support and resistance levels, providing an immediate graphical response if a level is clearly broken. Thicker drawn support and resistance (SR) levels are given more importance than thinner ones, indicating their relevance in the trading process.

General Settings

Lighthouse MT5 offers three different scan modes: intraday, medium, and high time frames. These modes can be selected manually, or users can use the automatic adjustment, which is set by default. The software also offers a sensitive mode that identifies more support and resistance levels, recommended for intraday traders. The SR Distance in Pips is a changeable value that measures the distance between the current price and the next Lighthouse levels, providing a “WAIT” or “GO” state based on the proximity to the next level.

Graphical Settings

The graphical settings of Lighthouse MT5 include a display SR check box, which shows the result of the built-in SR level distance check. The software also allows for customization of text blocks and colors for the drawn support and resistance levels, enabling traders to personalize the interface to their liking.

Notification Settings

The notification settings of Lighthouse MT5 provide alerts for various trading scenarios. Users receive an alert if the price comes close to the next SR level or if an SR level changes its role from support to resistance or vice versa. The software also offers several alert and notification options like audio, e-mail, or mobile notifications, providing real-time updates for traders.


Can I see independent testing of Lighthouse MT5?
Yes, independent testing of this product is available on the website. Users can also subscribe to updates on the results of testing this product.

Can I share my experience of using Lighthouse MT5?
Absolutely. Users are encouraged to share their experiences of using Lighthouse MT5 to help others make informed decisions.

Is this an independent product review?
Yes, this is an independent product review written in the third person. It does not contain any personal pronouns like “our” or “my”.

In conclusion, Lighthouse MT5 is a powerful tool for Forex Trading. Its unique features and customizable settings make it a valuable asset for any trader looking to maximize their profitability in the currency trading market.

Lighthouse MT5 Review: Key to Profitable Forex Trading

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