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Update: 7 Feb 2024
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Lock Balancer MT5 is a powerful tool designed to save traders’ money by providing an alternative to the traditional stop loss strategy. With this robot, traders can set a pending lock instead of a stop loss, which helps prevent losses from increasing when the price moves against them. The main position is maintained, allowing for potential profits once the robot identifies the right moment to unlock.

How Lock Balancer MT5 Works

Lock Balancer MT5 offers a unique approach to trading by replacing stop losses with a manual initial locking line. The robot constantly monitors the price’s behavior in relation to this line. If the price goes against the trader, the robot locks the position with a counter order, limiting the loss as a stop loss would. However, the lock provides an advantage over traditional stop losses by preventing position loss even during significant price movements in the wrong direction.

By closing the lock at the right time, traders can recover lost capital when the price returns to its original position and potentially increase profits as the price moves in the right direction. Lock Balancer MT5 ensures that losses are minimized when the price moves unfavorably and maximizes profit potential when the price moves favorably.

Main Settings

Lock Balancer MT5 offers several customizable settings to suit each trader’s preferences:

  • Language: Choose between English and Russian for robot messages.
  • Direction: Select the trade direction (BUY or SELL).
  • Mode of Operation: Test the software or use it for live trading with manual main entry or alongside another robot.
  • Lot: Set the lot size for testing purposes.
  • Take Profit of the Main Order: Determine the take profit level for the main order during testing (0 for no take profit).
  • Magic of the Main Positions: Set the magic number for the main positions (0 if working with manually set positions).
  • Magic of the Lock: Assign a magic number to the lock (0 for a lock without magic).
  • Initial Stop Loss of the Lock: Set the initial stop loss level for the lock when the pending lock becomes a market lock.
  • Break Even: Activate the closing of the active lock when the price returns in the direction of the main position’s profit.
  • Activation for Break Even: Set the level at which the break-even level is activated, relative to the initial locking line.
  • Trailing the Initial Lock Line: Enable trailing of the initial locking line (0 to disable trailing).

Features of Lock Balancer MT5

Lock Balancer MT5 offers the following features:

  • Main positions do not require stop losses, as the robot uses a common lock instead.
  • If the robot is used to insure manually set positions, the magic number of the main positions should be set to 0.
  • If the robot is used to insure positions set by another robot, the magic number of the main positions should match that of the main robot.
  • If there are market positions, the robot sets the pending lock at the level specified by the initial locking line. This lock prevents losses from increasing as the price moves against the trader.
  • The lock is closed at the break-even point, allowing traders to recover funds from the drawdown when the price moves in the direction of profit. The break-even level is activated when the price reaches the activation level set by the trader.
  • Traders can manually adjust the position of orders and lines of the initial lock at any stage of trading to align with their strategy.
  • When all positions are closed by take profit or manually, the robot automatically closes the lock.


Lock Balancer MT5 is a powerful Forex software that offers an alternative to traditional stop loss strategies. Its unique approach of using a lock instead of a stop loss helps traders minimize losses and maximize profit potential. Traders can customize the settings to fit their preferences and trading strategy. The robot’s ability to lock positions and prevent losses from increasing during adverse price movements provides traders with more control and flexibility in their trading decisions.


Can I watch independent testing of Lock Balancer MT5?

Yes, you can watch independent testing of Lock Balancer MT5 on the website. It provides valuable insights into the software’s performance and can help you make an informed decision.

How can I subscribe to updates on the results of testing Lock Balancer MT5?

To stay updated on the results of testing Lock Balancer MT5, you can subscribe to the website. They regularly publish updates and analysis of various Forex software, including Lock Balancer MT5.

Have you used Lock Balancer MT5? Share your experience!

If you have used Lock Balancer MT5, we would love to hear about your experience. Share your insights, feedback, and any tips you may have for fellow traders. Your firsthand experience can provide valuable information to others considering this powerful Forex software.

Lock balancer MT5
Update: 7 Feb 2024
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Lock Balancer MT5: A Review of this Powerful Forex Software

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2 months ago


Replace the Lock Balancer MT5 entertainment program. Thanks to her, I was able to set up several lots for myself. And I conveniently receive accurate signals from the assistant.

2 months ago


When I started using this tool in my work, the quality of my trading improved significantly, and the number of profitable transactions increased. I began to understand the graph much better than before, thank you very much to the developers of this software