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The LT Pointer Sync is a valuable tool in the realm of Forex trading, designed to streamline the process of chart synchronization. This software caters to the needs of Forex traders, offering a unique solution to enhance synchronization between open charts.

Features of LT Pointer Sync

Primarily, LT Pointer Sync operates as a pointer synchronizer between open charts. This feature enables the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) cross, which can be activated with a middle mouse click, to be replicated across all open charts. This synchronization provides a seamless experience for the user, enhancing their trading efficiency.

Customizable Line Creation

The LT Pointer Sync isn’t just about synchronization, though. It also provides the capability to create horizontal and vertical lines, labelled “H” and “V” respectively. These lines can be invaluable for conducting in-depth Forex market analysis, allowing users to visually track multiple factors at once. The appearance of these lines is fully customizable, offering flexibility to suit individual preferences.

Simple and Free Forex Software

Despite its advanced features, the LT Pointer Sync is a free utility. The software is intuitive and easy to use, making it an accessible tool for traders of all levels. Users can leverage its features to enhance their trading efficiency without incurring any cost.

Supporting the Developer

Although the LT Pointer Sync is a free tool, it’s worth noting that its development required significant time and effort. Users who find value in the tool and wish to express their appreciation can opt to support the developer through a donation.


What is the main function of the LT Pointer Sync?

The LT Pointer Sync is a pointer synchronizer between open charts in Forex trading. Its main function is to replicate the MT5 cross on all open charts, enhancing chart synchronization and trading efficiency.

Can the LT Pointer Sync create lines on the chart?

Yes, the software allows the creation of horizontal and vertical lines, which can be useful for Forex market analysis.

Is LT Pointer Sync a free tool?

Yes, LT Pointer Sync is a free utility. Users who wish to support the developer can make a donation.

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LT Pointer Sync Review: Enhancing Forex Chart Synchronization

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4 weeks ago

Expert Review: LT Pointer Sync - Top Forex Trading Software

However, I've noticed a recurring issue that has been affecting my trading experience. The charts, which are the backbone of any trading software, don't seem to stay in sync. This is a significant issue as the accuracy of these charts is paramount to making informed trading decisions. In my experience, there's a lag of about 9 candles from one chart to the other when the cursors are synchronized. This lag can lead to discrepancies in the data and can potentially affect the profitability of trades. It's like trying to hit a moving target with a delay in your sight - it's not impossible, but it's certainly challenging. The issue seems to persist regardless of the time frame chosen. Whether it's a 1-minute chart or a 1-hour chart, the lag is consistent. This is particularly frustrating when trying to perform technical analysis or when trying to identify trends in the market. Despite this issue, I've found that the software does offer some useful features. The ability to customize the charts to suit your trading style is a plus. The software also allows for multiple chart windows, which can be helpful when monitoring different currency pairs simultaneously. However, the chart synchronization issue is a significant drawback. It's like having a high-performance sports car with a faulty speedometer - it can still get you where you need to go, but it's not as efficient or reliable as it should be. In conclusion, while the LT Pointer Sync software has potential, the chart synchronization issue is a significant drawback. I hope that the developers will address this issue in future updates. Until then, I would advise potential users to be aware of this issue and consider their options carefully.