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As the world of Forex trading continues to evolve, traders are continually on the lookout for reliable and efficient tools to enhance their trading strategies. One such tool that has gained popularity among Forex traders is the Maedinas Gold Scalper, an Expert Advisor (EA) specifically designed for XAUUSD/Gold trading. This article provides a detailed review of this unique Forex Robot and its features.

Overview of Maedinas Gold Scalper

Maedinas Gold Scalper is a Scalping Martingale Robot that excels in ranging market conditions. It can be set to operate in precise entry, medium entry, or standard entry mode. The level of precision determines the number of trades it opens within a given period. The more precise the setting, the fewer trades it initiates.

The EA is equipped with three trade engines, implying that it attempts to make three separate trades within each trading period. Each of these trades has a distinct Magic Number and is managed independently by the EA. This feature enhances the effectiveness and versatility of the EA in various market conditions.

Performance of Maedinas Gold Scalper

Maedinas Gold Scalper has been tested with 99.9% tick data from January 1, 2018, to October 21, 2022, using the D1 timeframe and D1 setting. Remarkably, the robot generated a profit of over 3000% in just 58 months, a testament to its robustness and profitability.

However, it’s important to note that the EA employs a high-risk, high-profit strategy. As such, traders are advised to withdraw their profits weekly until they recoup their initial capital. This approach is particularly applicable when using lower time frames, which are more aggressive but also riskier.

Key Features of Maedinas Gold Scalper

One of the standout features of Maedinas Gold Scalper is its money management capability. The EA allows for auto lot/compounding and has options to pause trading based on equity reached or after reaching a daily percentage or dollar target. It also comes with a virtual stop loss, trailing, equity percentage stop loss, and dollar stop loss features.

The EA also offers a time filter to start and end trading and the option to use either one or three engines. It has precise and standard entry conditions and an avoid trending market filter. Additionally, it features a news filter, although enabling this requires following specific instructions.

Broker and Capital Requirements

For optimal performance, the EA requires a broker with a spread of not more than 20 for 2 digits broker, and 200 for 3 digits broker. The lower the spread, the better the performance. The broker’s stop out level should be less than or equal to 30% for a 20 spread and less than or equal to 50% for a 10 spread.

The minimum capital requirement for using the EA is 3000 USD or 3000 USC (30 USD) for D1 and 5000 USD or 5000 USC (50 USD) for M15. However, a capital of 10,000 USD or 10,000 USC (100 USD) is recommended for the M15 timeframe.


Can I test Maedinas Gold Scalper before purchasing?
Yes, you can watch independent testing of Maedinas Gold Scalper on the website and even subscribe for updates on the product’s testing results.

Can I share my experience using Maedinas Gold Scalper?
Absolutely! We encourage users to share their experiences using Maedinas Gold Scalper. This helps potential users make informed decisions.

Please note that this is an independent product review. The Maedinas Gold Scalper is not our product, and this review is written from a neutral perspective.

Maedinas Gold Scalper Review: Expert EA for XAUUSD Trading

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1 review

2 months ago

Unbiased Review: Maedinas Gold Scalper - Top Forex Trading Software

From the get-go, the author was incredibly kind and helpful. He took the time to guide me through the setup process, ensuring that I understood each parameter and how to adjust them to suit my trading style and risk tolerance. His patience and willingness to assist were truly commendable, and it made the entire setup process a breeze.The "Maedinas Gold Scalper" has been a profitable addition to my trading toolbox. It's been consistently delivering positive results, and I've noticed a significant improvement in my trading performance since I started using it. The EA operates flawlessly, and its precision in identifying profitable trades is simply remarkable.What I appreciate most about this EA is the level of control it offers. I can adjust the parameters to align with my trading strategy, and this flexibility allows me to optimize the EA for maximum profitability. The author's assistance in setting these parameters was invaluable, and I'm grateful for his support.In conclusion, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the author of the "Maedinas Gold Scalper". His dedication to helping traders succeed is evident in the quality of this EA and the level of support he provides. His kindness and helpfulness have made my journey in Forex trading much smoother and more profitable. Thank you for your help, it's greatly appreciated!If you're a trader looking for a reliable and profitable EA, I highly recommend the "Maedinas Gold Scalper". The author's support and the EA's performance are truly unmatched. It's been a game changer for me, and I'm confident it will be for you too.