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Update: 7 Feb 2024
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Mission EA has emerged as a fully automated pullback trading system that has shown effective results in trading popular pullback currency pairs. It operates on a price correlation strategy which balances equity and simultaneously increases balance, offering a unique approach to Forex trading.

Trading Strategy

The pullback strategy used by Mission EA offers a safer way of trading, even in the complex world of Forex. This approach helps traders overcome the challenges involved in following strategies like Pullback, Martingale, Grid, ATR, etc. By using the set files provided, traders can ensure safe trading.

Optimized Trading

Mission EA has an innovative feature where, if equity drops on a certain pair, the EA opens the opposite currency pair after analyzing the currency strength. This optimizes trading and helps in mitigating risks. It is recommended to use this feature on a Cent account before applying it to a real account.

Trading Parameters

With the Mission EA, traders can set running pairs like AUDNZD, AUDCAD, NZDCAD, and more. It also offers a “Close Profit trades” option that closes all profitable trades. The software uses a virtual take-profit system that doesn’t fix TP while trades are running. It closes trades when breakeven occurs. The AutoLot Calc feature calculates the auto lot based on equity/balance. A fixed balance is considered safer.

Trading Schedule

Mission EA has a smart time filter with options to trade on specific days of the week and at specific hours. It also includes a position time stop. A unique feature is the news filter which can be enabled or disabled as per the trader’s preference. This filter helps avoid trading during high-impact news events, providing an extra layer of safety.

Trading Type

The software offers a “Notopen” option that stops opening initial trades and only monitors existing trades. This feature can be beneficial for traders who prefer to focus on managing their open trades rather than opening new ones.

FAQ Section

Q: Can I test Mission EA before using it on my real account?
A: Yes, it is recommended to use Mission EA first on a Cent account before applying it to a real account.

Q: How does the software handle news events?
A: Mission EA has a built-in news filter. This filter can be enabled or disabled as per the trader’s preference to avoid trading during high-impact news events.

Q: What trading strategies does Mission EA use?
A: Mission EA uses a pullback strategy which is effective in trading popular pullback currency pairs. It also uses price correlation strategy to balance equity and increase balance simultaneously.

Independent testing of the Mission EA can be viewed on the website. Subscriptions for updates on the testing results of this product are also available. We invite readers to share their experiences with the Mission EA. Please note that this is an independent product review and is not affiliated with the product’s creators.

Mission EA Review: Optimized Forex Trading with Pullback Strategy

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2 months ago

MT5's Mission Control: Ultimate Forex Trading Software Review

I was initially drawn to the software's promise of setting a multi-order stop loss by currency. The idea of being able to manage my risk across multiple orders with a single stop loss was appealing. However, despite my best efforts and numerous attempts to tweak the parameters, I found this feature to be non-functional.I spent a significant amount of time trying to get this feature to work, experimenting with different settings and parameters. However, no matter what I tried, the multi-order stop loss function simply did not perform as advertised. This was not just a minor inconvenience, but a major flaw that significantly impacted my trading strategy.In the world of forex trading, time is money. The time I spent trying to get this feature to work could have been better spent on actual trading. Unfortunately, my experience with the "Mission Control Trading Panel MT5" software was more frustrating than fruitful.In conclusion, while the software may have other features that work as expected, the multi-order stop loss function - a key selling point for me - was a letdown. I would advise fellow traders to save their time and consider other trading software options that deliver on their promises. It's crucial to have reliable tools in this fast-paced trading environment, and unfortunately, this software did not meet my expectations.

3 months ago


Well, I think it will be a good helper for beginners who are just discovering the forex market. After all, many people confuse a rollback with a correction.