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The Network AI mt5 Expert Advisor (EA) is an innovative AI Forex Trading system that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and neural networks. This advanced software system is designed to scrutinize and interpret macroeconomic data released during news events, and subsequently make informed trading decisions based on the analyzed data.

Key Features of Network AI mt5

One of the significant attributes of this AI-Powered Trading tool is its ability to exit trading positions based on news. This feature is unique to Network AI mt5 and sets it apart from other Forex Trading Software. However, it’s worth noting that due to this characteristic, the software can’t be tested in the strategy tester. To operate, the EA connects to news websites, requiring the user to permit WebRequest in the Expert Advisors settings.

Network AI mt5: Optimizing the Settings

For optimal results, users need to adjust the WorkMode settings to mode_Real. The EA offers a broad range of settings to customize, including start lots, trade buy and sell options, and the use of a hedging strategy. Other crucial settings include automatic lot calculation, lot multiplier, take profit and stop loss values, and the activation of a trailing stop. Each parameter can be fine-tuned to suit individual trading strategies and risk tolerance levels.

Strategy for Drawdown Reduction

Another distinctive feature of the Network AI mt5 is the drawdown reduction algorithm. This algorithm is designed to close the last profitable order alongside the first order series with a loss, effectively reducing drawdown. Depending on the user’s preference, this feature can be activated from a particular order number, and the percentage of profit when closing orders in the drawdown reduction mode can be set.

Trading Hours and Order Management

The EA also allows users to specify the time for opening the first order. It provides flexibility in managing orders, with fixed and dynamic distances between orders. It also includes a dynamic distance multiplier, which can be used from a certain order number. Users can also set a maximum lot size for trading.


Can I test Network AI mt5 in a strategy tester?
No, due to its use of news data to exit trading positions, Network AI mt5 cannot be tested in a strategy tester.

Is it possible to adjust the settings of Network AI mt5?
Yes, the software offers a wide range of adjustable settings to tailor the system to individual trading strategies and risk tolerance levels.

Can I control the risk of drawdown with Network AI mt5?
Yes, the software features a drawdown reduction algorithm designed to manage drawdown risk effectively.

Independent testing of Network AI mt5 is available on, where users can also subscribe for updates on the product’s testing results. We invite our readers to share their experience using this AI-powered Forex trading software. This review is independent and does not endorse or promote any specific product.

Network AI mt5 Review: AI-Powered Forex Trading Software

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