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Update: 7 Feb 2024
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NeuroScalperMT5 is a unique trading software that utilizes the principles of neural networks to provide buy and sell signals for Forex trading. This tool is primarily designed for scalping, a trading style that involves making many trades over short periods. Its main focus is on 1-minute time frames, but it can also be used on other time frames with adjusted levels.

Trading with Neuro Networks

The NeuroScalperMT5 software employs basic forms of neural networks to generate trading signals. These networks mimic the human brain’s ability to recognize patterns and make decisions. It’s an innovative approach to Forex trading, providing traders with a unique perspective on market trends and potential trading opportunities.

MT5 EA & MT4 Indicator: How They Work

NeuroScalperMT5 comes in two versions: the MT5 EA (Expert Advisor) and the MT4 Indicator. The MT5 EA is a fully automated trading system that executes trades based on the signals generated by the software. The MT4 Indicator, on the other hand, provides the signals but requires manual execution of trades.

One of the key features of this tool is its non-repainting nature. This means that once a signal is generated, it will not change retrospectively, ensuring the reliability of the trading information provided.

Trading Strategy and Rules

The primary trading strategy with NeuroScalperMT5 involves buying when the price dips below the lowest levels for the pair and time frame being traded. The software uses multiple indicators and applies weights to two data points for the maximum and minimum. Traders can set levels in the settings, typically 100 and 200 for the oscillator, or other levels if using different time frames.

The general rule is to buy below the 100 level and exit at 200. However, these levels can be adjusted based on the trader’s discretion and the specific time frame being used. The software’s versatility allows for many opportunities to scalp the markets.

Independent Testing and Updates

For those interested in seeing the software in action, independent testing of NeuroScalperMT5 is available on the website. Here, traders can observe the software’s performance in real-time. Subscriptions for updates on the testing results are also available, providing regular insights into the effectiveness of the product.


Can NeuroScalperMT5 be used on time frames other than 1-minute?

Yes, while NeuroScalperMT5 is primarily designed for 1-minute time frames, it can be used on other time frames. However, the levels will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Does NeuroScalperMT5 repaint its signals?

No, one of the key features of NeuroScalperMT5 is that it does not repaint its signals, ensuring the reliability of the trading information provided.

We invite all users of NeuroScalperMT5 to share their experiences and insights into the software’s performance. Remember, this is an independent product review, and your feedback is valuable to the trading community.

NeuroScalperMT5 Review: Unbiased Look at MT5 EA & MT4 Indicator

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