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The market is saturated with numerous expert advisors (EAs) promising to optimize forex trades. One such product that stands out is the Pass HFT Prop Firm EA. This product is designed to offer rapid evaluation through Proprietary Trading Firms (Prop Firms) that utilize high-frequency trading technology.

Key Features and Functions of Pass HFT Prop Firm EA

The Pass HFT Prop Firm EA operates from the end of the Asian trading session to the end of the New York trading session. However, users have the flexibility to define its working hours as per their preference. The EA employs AI-based high-frequency trading strategies to detect significant market fluctuations. This helps to protect your net worth with very small stop losses, minuscule retracements, quick paper profits, and smooth completion of assessments.

Compatibility of the EA with Prop Firms

The EA is compatible with a list of firms including Fast Forex Funding, Infinity Forex Funds, Nova Funding, Quantec Trading Capital, Limitless Prop Forex Fund, and Kortana Fx. It’s important to note that the default parameters are specifically tuned for quickly evaluating challenges with Prop Firm demo accounts. For real trading, these parameters would need to be adjusted.

Role of VPS in the Functioning of the EA

The use of a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is vital for the efficient operation of the EA. A latency of less than 50 milliseconds is acceptable, but ideally, a latency of 10 milliseconds or less is preferred. The lower the latency, the faster your profit goals can be reached.

Code and Time Range of the EA

The EA operates on a time range of 1 minute with codes for US30 (DJ30, WS30), and GER30 (DE30). Although it’s designed for evaluation and challenges through HFT Prop Firms, it can potentially be used with other types of challenges or real brokerage accounts.

Adjustments and Settings

After purchase, users can contact the provider for advice on setting up different account sizes for Nova Funding, Quantec, and Infinity Forex Fund. The EA setup is quite straightforward, especially for those with a foundational understanding of forex trading. In most cases, users would only need to change a Lot of hands.


Is this EA designed for personal physical accounts?

No, this EA is specifically intended to pass the HFT challenge and is not designed for personal physical accounts.

Where can I see independent testing of this product?

Independent testing of this product can be viewed on the website. Users can also subscribe to updates on the results of testing this product.

Can I share my experience of using this product?

Absolutely! We invite users to share their experiences of using the Pass HFT Prop Firm EA.

To conclude, the Pass HFT Prop Firm EA is an innovative product that aims to help forex traders optimize their strategies using high-frequency trading technology. Remember, this is an independent review and we encourage readers to do their own research before making a decision.

Pass HFT Prop Firm Review: Optimizing Forex Trades with EA

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1 review

3 weeks ago

Unbiased Review: Pass HFT Prop Firm - The Forex Trader's Top Choice

To start with, the bot's performance was far from satisfactory. Despite the claims of high-speed transactions and optimal trading strategies, the results were disheartening. The bot consistently failed to deliver profitable trades, leaving me with a significant loss in my trading account.Moreover, the software interface was not user-friendly. It was complex and difficult to navigate, even for someone like me who has a fair amount of experience in forex trading. The lack of clear instructions and support made it even more challenging to use the software effectively.The customer service was another area where the software fell short. Despite my repeated attempts to reach out for assistance, the response was either delayed or non-existent. This lack of support further added to my frustration and disappointment.The most disheartening part was the realization that I had wasted not only my time but also my hard-earned money on this bot. The software, which was supposed to be a tool for financial growth, turned out to be a financial drain.In conclusion, my experience with the "Pass HFT Prop Firm" forex software was far from positive. The bot failed to deliver on its promises, and the lack of support made the experience even worse. I would strongly advise against investing your time and money in this software. It's better to look for other reliable and proven trading tools that can genuinely assist you in your forex trading journey.