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The PythonML is a multicurrency Expert Advisor that stands out in the realm of Forex software. It is engineered to handle 28 currency pairs, leveraging machine learning models trained in the Python language environment. This unique approach to Forex trading allows for enhanced market analysis and algorithmic trading.

Operational Flexibility

One of the key features of the PythonML is its operational flexibility. The Expert Advisor is capable of working with two time intervals, H1 and H2, either together or separately. This is managed through parameters in the Use Time Intervals group. This flexibility allows traders to customize their trading strategies according to their specific needs and market trends.

Advanced Model Packages

The PythonML goes beyond the standard by providing the option to use several packages of models trained according to different criteria for each pair separately. Currently, it is possible to select up to five different packages of models, either together or separately. These models are continuously improved and added with each update of the advisor, ensuring the software stays on the cutting edge of Forex trading technology.

Customizable Settings

PythonML offers a range of customizable settings. These include the ability to select the lot size for each pair separately, enable a global take profit as a percentage of the current profit, and turn on a global stop loss as a percentage of the current profit. Traders can also enable automatic formation of the lot size depending on the balance or free margin. These settings provide traders with greater control over their trading strategies and risk management.

Efficient Testing

PythonML also offers efficient testing options. By setting the ShowTradePanel advisor setting to false, traders can speed up the testing process. In the strategy tester, setting the trading mode to “Open prices only” will not greatly affect the testing results, but will noticeably speed up the process. Information on the profitability and maximum drawdown of each pair separately can be viewed in the log tab at the end of testing.


What is the default setting for PythonML?

The default settings are for the EURUSD H1 currency pair, and use Models2.

Can I turn off the grid for trading?

Yes, the robot uses a grid for trading by default, but you can easily turn it off by setting the GridOf parameter to true.

Independent testing of the PythonML can be viewed on the website. Users can also subscribe to updates on the testing results of this product. We invite readers to share their experiences of using PythonML. This review is independent, and the product is not affiliated with this publication. The PythonML continues to make waves in the Forex software market with its innovative approach to machine learning and algorithmic trading.

PhythonML Review: Machine Learning Forex Software for 28 Pairs

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