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Emerging as an innovative game-changer in the field of Forex trading, Pivot Points Master incorporates traditional technical analysis with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to forecast market movements. This cutting-edge Expert Advisor (EA) presents a unique approach to Forex EA, employing reinforcement learning to train its algorithms using data from a variety of symbols.

Compatibility Across Assets

This AI-driven trading tool has a universal application, working seamlessly across all potential assets, provided the parameters are correctly set. It is particularly effective with major US Indices such as the US100, US500, and US30, given their high sensitivity to pivot points.

A Limited Edition Tool

Pivot Points Master is a limited edition tool, with only two out of five copies available at the current price. The cost of this Forex EA will gradually increase, aiming to restrict the number of users trading with this system.

Configuring the Settings

Users are advised to start with the default settings provided for US100, US500, and US30. However, the parameters can be adjusted and backtested to find the right configurations for each of your assets. It’s important to note that with a minimum deposit of $100, you can trade at a max lot size of 0.1. However, for an optimal trading experience, a deposit of $1000 trading at a max lot size of 1 is recommended.

FAQ Section

Is Pivot Points Master compatible with all assets?

Yes, Pivot Points Master can work with all possible assets, as long as you set the correct parameters.

What is the pricing model for Pivot Points Master?

Currently, only two out of five copies of Pivot Points Master are available at the initial price. The price will gradually increase, limiting the number of users trading with this system.

What are the recommended settings for Pivot Points Master?

The default settings for US100, US500, and US30 are provided by the developer. However, you are free to backtest and adjust the configurations for each of your assets.

For an independent evaluation of the Pivot Points Master, Forex traders can watch testing of this product on the website. To stay updated with this product’s testing results, users can also subscribe to updates.

Users of Pivot Points Master are invited to share their experiences with the product, contributing to a broader understanding and evaluation of its performance in different trading scenarios.

This review is independent and does not associate with any product ownership. It aims to offer an objective analysis of the product, written in the third person.

Pivot Points Master Review: AI-Driven Forex EA for US Indices

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