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The Price Action Toolkit EA is a powerful tool designed for forex scalpers, but it can also be used on all timeframes to quickly enter the market with correctly calculated lot sizing based on your stop level. This EA allows you to quickly enter trades, adjust stops and take profits as the market moves, making it a valuable tool for traders looking to optimize their trading strategies.

Key Features

  • Risk-Based Entry: The quick order buttons allow you to enter positions based on a percentage risk of your account. The EA automatically calculates your lot size based on your risk and the distance to your stop loss.
  • Fast Trade Execution Buttons: The EA places quick trade execution buttons on your chart, allowing you to open, close, or adjust trades instantly. It also provides the ability to move your stop to breakeven, place buy and sell stops, and close out only your most profitable position.
  • Candlestick Pattern Recognition: The EA shows on the chart when commonly used scalping candlestick patterns are detected, including hammers, shooting stars, bullish and bearish engulfing patterns, strong close candles, equal highs and lows, inventory retracement bars (IRBs), and 2 inside bar patterns.
  • Session Opening Ranges & Recent Ranges: The EA automatically draws the opening ranges to help spot and trade opening range breakouts at the main trading session starts. It also allows you to identify recent consolidation periods and spot breakouts from them.
  • Automated Trading: You can set the EA to automatically trade for you based on opening ranges, candlestick patterns, and auto scale into winning positions. The EA also auto trails stops to lock in profits and minimize risks.
  • Exit Strategies: The EA offers various exit strategies, including auto exit based on a percentage account increase, daily profit targets, and signs of reversal.


Can the EA be used on all timeframes?

Yes, the Price Action Toolkit EA can be used on all timeframes to enter the market quickly and efficiently.

Does the EA calculate lot sizing based on my stop level?

Yes, the EA automatically calculates your lot size based on your risk and the distance to your stop loss, ensuring correct lot sizing for each trade.

Can I adjust my stops and take profits as the market moves?

Yes, the EA allows you to adjust stops and take profits in real-time as the market moves, giving you full control over your trades.

Is the EA suitable for scalpers?

Yes, the Price Action Toolkit EA is specifically designed for scalpers, providing them with the necessary tools and features to optimize their scalping strategies.

Is there an MT5 version available?

Yes, there is an MT5 version of the Price Action Toolkit EA available for traders who prefer using the MetaTrader 5 platform.


The Price Action Toolkit EA is a comprehensive tool for forex traders, offering a range of features and functionalities to enhance trading efficiency and profitability. From risk-based entry to fast trade execution buttons, candlestick pattern recognition, and automated trading capabilities, this EA provides traders with the necessary tools to succeed in the dynamic forex market. To watch independent testing of this product and stay updated on the results, visit Share your experience of using this product and join the community of traders benefiting from the Price Action Toolkit EA.

Price Action Toolkit: A Professional Forex Trader’s Review and Download of the EA for Scalpers

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