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The Project Phoenix Automatic Trading Advisor is a unique tool designed for forex traders who are looking to enhance their trading strategies. This advisor implements a medium-term trading strategy based on the theory of wave movement of the market. Unlike other advisors, it does not use martingale, grid, averaging, or scalping techniques.

Wave Analysis and Price Prediction

The advisor is built on the application of wave analysis to historical data, allowing it to search for patterns that can predict future price movements. By analyzing longer periods of time, the advisor identifies repeating patterns, while using smaller periods for approximation and interpolation of nodal points. This process refines the patterns and enhances the accuracy of price predictions. The advisor also utilizes an extrapolator to make predictions based on both periods, finding three waves of different periods to build a predictive model of price behavior.

Advantages of Project Phoenix

There are several advantages to using the Project Phoenix Automatic Trading Advisor:

  • Permanent Work: The advisor works continuously without the need to wait for news or specific events to trade. It captures the entire price movement, unlike scalpers that focus on only a part of it.
  • Medium-Term Trading: Project Phoenix aims to capture medium-term price movements, with positions held from several hours to several days. This approach allows traders to benefit from longer-term trends.
  • No Take Profit: The advisor does not use Take Profit levels and instead closes orders based on the trading system conditions. This approach maximizes profit potential by capturing more price movements.
  • Strict Risk Management: Each order is strictly tracked by the trading system, and a protective stop loss is set for each of them separately. This ensures that potential losses are limited.
  • Visualized Settings and Wave Forecasts: The main settings and wave forecasts of the advisor are visualized on the chart, providing interactivity and convenience for traders.

Risk Warning and Requirements

It’s important to note that, like any trading expert, the Project Phoenix Automatic Trading Advisor makes forecasts based on past data. Therefore, it is recommended to use small lot sizes and not risk all the money in your account. Possible drawdowns should also be considered.

The advisor is designed to work with the EURUSD currency pair on the H1 time frame. The recommended deposit is 0.01 lot for every $300. It also has a self-diagnostic system that can display warnings or error messages if any issues arise.


Q: Is optimization required before starting trading?

A: No, optimization is not required to start trading with the Project Phoenix Automatic Trading Advisor. However, traders have the option to optimize the size of the stop loss if desired.

Q: Can I watch independent testing of this product?

A: Yes, you can watch independent testing of the Project Phoenix Automatic Trading Advisor on the website. It provides valuable insights into the performance and effectiveness of the advisor.

Q: Can I share my experience of using this product?

A: Absolutely! We encourage users to share their experiences of using the Project Phoenix Automatic Trading Advisor. Your feedback and insights can help other traders make informed decisions.

Remember, the Project Phoenix Automatic Trading Advisor is an independent product review. It is not affiliated with any specific individual or company. For more information and updates on the results of testing this product, please visit the website.

Project Phoenix: A Professional Forex Trader’s Review of the Automatic Trading Advisor

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