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Update: 7 Feb 2024
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Project S Forex, a sophisticated Forex trading tool, employs a pair of special Trading View indicators to aid in pinpointing entry points for trades. This Forex Software Review will delve into the intricacies of these indicators, their unique functionality, and how they contribute to Forex Market Analysis and strategy.

Understanding the Indicators

Project S Forex’s unique selling point lies in its two-pronged approach, using two distinct Trading View special indicators. These indicators work in tandem to evaluate the price’s strength and volume, thereby determining the ideal time and location to initiate the next trade. This intricate system facilitates more accurate Forex Trading, thereby increasing potential profitability.

Trading Parameters

The software’s strategy is particularly effective when paired with GOLD and used on a 1M timeframe. While 5M and 15M can also yield satisfactory results, the 1M timeframe is highly recommended for its efficiency and precision. For the software to operate optimally, a balance of 3000 or more is suggested, as higher balances tend to yield better results in the Forex world.

If operating multiple GOLD charts with the same Expert Advisor (EA) on the same MT4, different magic numbers must be set to ensure optimal functionality.

Input Specifications: A Closer Look

Project S Forex’s software provides several adjustable parameters, enabling users to tailor the trading process to their needs. These include the starting lot, the FixRatio Delta, which automatically increases the starting lot by 0.01 after a specified profit accumulation, and a feature to close all positions when the loss exceeds a predetermined amount.

Other adjustable parameters include the Multiplier, which adjusts the position’s size, the minimum distance between trades in pips, the distance between the first and second positions in pips, the maximum lot a position can have, and the maximum number of sell or buy positions. The Take Profit (TP) for 1 or 2 positions and for 3 or more positions can also be set in pips.

Independent Testing and Updates

For those seeking further insights into the performance of Project S Forex, independent testing results can be viewed on the website. Users can subscribe to receive updates on the product’s testing results, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the software’s performance over time.

Feedback and User Experience

We invite users to share their experiences with Project S Forex. User feedback is invaluable in evaluating the software’s real-world performance and applicability, and can offer prospective users insights into the software’s practicality and efficiency within their own trading strategies.


Can Project S Forex be used with other trading pairs besides GOLD?

While the software can be used with other trading pairs, it has been specifically designed and optimized for use with GOLD.

What is the importance of setting different magic numbers?

Setting different magic numbers is crucial when running multiple GOLD charts with the same EA on the same MT4. It ensures the software can differentiate between the charts and function optimally.

How does the FixRatio Delta work?

The FixRatio Delta is an adjustable parameter that automatically increases the starting lot size by 0.01 after a certain profit accumulation. This function helps enhance profitability over time.

This Forex Software Review serves as an independent analysis of Project S Forex. The aim is to provide an unbiased evaluation of the software’s functionalities, trading indicators, and performance, based on the information available. It is not affiliated with the product or its developers.

Project S Forex Software Review: Trading Indicators Unveiled

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3 weeks ago

Comprehensive Review: Project S - Revolutionary Forex Trading Software

I was initially skeptical about using it for other trading pairs, but on a whim, I decided to test it on US30. To my pleasant surprise, it performed exceptionally well. The accuracy of the signals it generated was impressive, and the risk management features ensured that my capital was always protected.The user-friendly interface of 'Project S' is another aspect that I appreciate. Even for someone who is not very tech-savvy, navigating through the software is a breeze. The settings are easy to understand and adjust, allowing me to customize the software to suit my trading style and risk tolerance.Since testing it on US30, I have been using 'Project S' live and it has been a game-changer for my trading. The consistency of the profits I have been making is something I have not experienced with other EAs. It's clear that a lot of thought and expertise has been put into the development of this software.Moreover, the customer support for 'Project S' is commendable. Any queries or issues I had were promptly addressed, which further instilled my confidence in the product.In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude to the creators of 'Project S'. This software has not only improved my trading performance but has also made the whole process more enjoyable. I would highly recommend 'Project S' to both novice and experienced traders. It's a powerful tool that can truly take your trading to the next level."