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The ADR Alert Dashboard MT5 is a powerful tool for forex traders that provides real-time alerts and analysis based on the average daily range (ADR) of price movements. This dashboard is designed to help traders identify potential trading opportunities by monitoring price levels and alerting them when price exceeds its average range.

Key Features of ADR Alert Dashboard MT5

The ADR Alert Dashboard offers several key features that make it a valuable tool for forex trading:

  • Instant Alerts: Traders receive instant alerts via pop-up, email, or push notifications when price exceeds its average range.
  • Customizable Levels: Traders can set their own levels above the average range to be alerted to, allowing them to jump into pullbacks and reversals quickly.
  • Background Monitoring: The dashboard can be placed on a blank chart and run in the background, alerting traders when specific levels are hit without the need for constant monitoring.
  • MT4 Version Available: Traders using the MT4 platform can also access a version of the ADR Alert Dashboard.
  • Weekly and Monthly Ranges: In addition to the daily range, the dashboard also displays the average weekly and monthly ranges, providing traders with a broader perspective on price movements.

Using ADR Alert Dashboard for Trading

The ADR Alert Dashboard can be used in various trading strategies to take advantage of price movements. Here are two popular approaches:

Entry Strategy Idea

Traders can wait for price to reach a specific level indicated by the dashboard’s alerts. The higher the level, the better the chance of a reversal. Traders can then either wait for a favorable price action candlestick pattern or use a tight exponential moving average (EMA) to enter the trade. The M5 or M15 timeframes are recommended for this strategy, and confirmation from the Market Reversal Alerts Indicator can further enhance trade decisions.

Grid Trading ADR Levels

Another approach is to use the ADR levels for grid trading. Traders can enter small positions at selected ADR levels (e.g., 100%, 150%, 200%), and as price moves over these levels, they can add more positions to increase their average entry price. This strategy allows for potentially higher profits on pullbacks and reversals.


What are the ADR extension averages?

The ADR extension averages indicate the likelihood of price moving beyond specific ADR levels. For example, price exceeded 100% of ADR10 roughly 42% of the time, while price exceeded 225% of ADR10 only about 2% of the time. Traders can use these averages to gauge the probability of a reversal or pullback at certain levels.

When should I be cautious of ADR extensions?

Traders should exercise caution when ADR extensions occur after fundamental news events. Additionally, if a recent level has just been breached when an ADR alert is triggered, it may indicate a stop hunt, and pullbacks or reversals are more likely to occur.


The ADR Alert Dashboard MT5 is a valuable tool for forex traders looking to capitalize on price movements beyond the average daily range. With its instant alerts, customizable levels, and background monitoring capabilities, this dashboard provides traders with the information they need to make informed trading decisions. Whether using the entry strategy or grid trading approach, the ADR Alert Dashboard offers a comprehensive solution for identifying potential trading opportunities.

For independent testing and updates on the results of using the ADR Alert Dashboard MT5, traders can visit the website. We invite readers to share their experiences with this product and gain insights from other traders.

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