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Advanced AI Price Action is an advanced scalping system designed to utilize smart entry/exit algorithms and Machine Learning to identify the safest entry points during calm market periods. This system focuses on long-term stable growth and aims to provide traders with a reliable and profitable trading solution.


– Smart entry/exit algorithms and Machine Learning technology

– One chart setup – attach EA on EURUSD – M5


– No Martingale/No Grid/No Dangerous strategy

– Hidden Stop loss to protect your account

Advanced AI Price Action has been back-tested from 2008 to 2022 using real ticks in MT4, ensuring stability and reliability. Live trading results have also been positive on various brokers. It is recommended to use brokers that offer ECN or Raw accounts with minimum spreads for optimal performance. Additionally, using a VPS server is advised for stable operation of the Expert Advisor.

Download Instructions

After purchasing the Expert Advisor, it is important to contact the seller immediately to receive instructions and a Manual Guide for setting up the EA. The EA requires at least 1-2 months for evaluation as it learns and analyzes data after each trade to make more accurate decisions in the future. Simply load the EA into the chart and let it do its work. Patience is key, and time will reveal the full potential of this system.


1. Can Artificial Intelligence really be used in Forex trading?

Yes, Artificial Intelligence can be effectively utilized in Forex trading. Advanced AI Price Action is a prime example of how AI can learn and distinguish between good and bad entries, providing traders with a trading system that outperforms human capabilities.

2. How many copies of Advanced AI Price Action are left?

There are currently only 3 copies out of 10 left at $199. After that, the price will be raised to $299. It is recommended to act quickly to secure your copy of this advanced scalping system.

3. Where can I find real operation monitoring and other products by the seller?

You can find real operation monitoring of Advanced AI Price Action, as well as other products by the seller, on their MQL5 profile: [link to the seller’s MQL5 profile]. Here, you can also find the MT5 version of this EA.


Advanced AI Price Action is a powerful scalping system that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to identify safe entry points in the Forex market. With its smart algorithms and focus on long-term stable growth, this EA provides traders with a reliable and profitable trading solution. Back-tested and live trading results have shown positive performance, making it a promising choice for traders seeking consistent profits.

Disclaimer: This is an independent product review. The text has been written in the third person and does not indicate ownership or affiliation. For independent testing and updates on the results of using this product, visit the website. Share your experience with this product and join the community of traders benefiting from Advanced AI Price Action.

Review: Advanced AI Price Action MT4 – Real Results & Download Instructions

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