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Update: 7 Feb 2024
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Forex trading is a complex and ever-changing market, requiring traders to constantly adapt their strategies and stay up-to-date with market analysis. In this review, we will take a closer look at Anabolic Virtual eXtrem (VX), a fully automatic trading Expert Advisor designed specifically for the forex market.

Anabolic VX is built on the foundation of forecasting changes in local trends and placing virtual orders in the direction of those trends. When a price pullback occurs, the advisor starts real trading in the forecasted trend direction. The advisor uses a prognostic model to identify trend changes over three periods, ensuring a more accurate prediction of market movements.

One of the standout features of Anabolic VX is its ability to build an expanding grid of orders, also known as a soft grid. This allows for a more smooth balance curve and helps traders manage their risk effectively. The grid of orders is strictly limited by the user’s settings, including the grid step and stop loss.

Unlike some other Expert Advisors, Anabolic VX has a minimal number of settings for optimization. Most of the settings are adjusted by the extrapolator on the author’s side, making it easier for traders to get started without extensive customization. However, it is important to note that the Expert Advisor is not self-optimizing and requires periodic adjustments based on the current market situation.

The Expert Advisor’s signal, version 1.3-1.4, provides traders with valuable insights and can be accessed on the website. Independent testing of this product can also be found on the same website, allowing traders to make informed decisions based on real-world results.

Anabolic VX utilizes partial hedging and closing orders based on trade conditions, which often proves to be more effective than relying solely on a TakeProfit. It operates 24/5, providing constant monitoring and trading opportunities for users. The Expert Advisor does not require fast execution of trade orders, making it suitable for traders with varying execution speeds.

Risk management is an essential aspect of forex trading, and Anabolic VX takes this into account. While the Expert Advisor can open multiple orders along the global trend and against it, positions are partially hedged to neutralize risks. However, it is crucial for traders to avoid overestimating risks and to only trade with money they are prepared to lose.

In terms of requirements, Anabolic VX is designed to work with the EURUSD currency pair on the H1 time frame. The required deposit depends on the grid settings and specified lots. Traders should carefully consider their risk tolerance and adjust the settings accordingly.

In conclusion, Anabolic VX offers a comprehensive and automated approach to forex trading. Its forecasting capabilities, combined with partial hedging and risk management features, make it a valuable tool for both experienced and novice traders. While periodic adjustments are necessary based on market conditions, the Expert Advisor provides a solid foundation for successful trading in the forex market.


1. Can I optimize Anabolic VX for my trading style?
Yes, part of the settings are available for user optimization, allowing you to tailor the Expert Advisor to your specific trading preferences.

2. Is Anabolic VX suitable for fast execution of trade orders?
No, Anabolic VX does not require fast execution of trade orders, making it suitable for traders with varying execution speeds.

3. How does Anabolic VX manage risk?
Anabolic VX utilizes partial hedging and closing orders based on trade conditions, minimizing risks associated with price fluctuations.

4. Can I watch independent testing of Anabolic VX?
Yes, you can watch independent testing of Anabolic VX on the website. This allows you to see the performance of the Expert Advisor in real-world scenarios.

5. Can I share my experience of using Anabolic VX?
Yes, we encourage you to share your experience of using Anabolic VX. Your feedback and insights can help other traders make informed decisions.

Please note that this review is an independent assessment of Anabolic VX and should not be considered as financial advice. Always conduct your own research and consult with a professional before making any investment decisions.

Review: Anabolic VX – A Professional Forex Trader’s Perspective

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1 review

1 months ago

Anabolic VX Review: Unleashing Forex Trading Efficiency

One of the things I appreciate most about Anabolic VX is its real-time data analysis. This feature has allowed me to make informed decisions based on the latest market trends. The software also provides detailed reports that help me understand my trading performance and identify areas for improvement.Another aspect of Anabolic VX that I find incredibly useful is its automation capabilities. With this feature, I can set my trading parameters and let the software do the work. This has not only saved me time but also reduced the risk of human error.The customer support for Anabolic VX is also commendable. Whenever I encounter any issues or have any queries, the support team is always ready to assist. They are knowledgeable and patient, making sure that I understand the solution before ending the conversation.However, like any other software, Anabolic VX is not without its flaws. There have been instances when the software lagged, especially during peak trading hours. But these instances are rare and the team is always quick to resolve any issues.In conclusion, Anabolic VX is a reliable and efficient forex trading software. It has made my trading experience smoother and more profitable. Despite a few minor setbacks, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. I would recommend Anabolic VX to anyone looking to enhance their forex trading experience.用一段时间再评价效果。After using it for a while, I can say that the effectiveness of Anabolic VX is undeniable. It has not only improved my trading skills but also increased my profits. I look forward to seeing how the software will continue to evolve and improve in the future.

1 review

2 months ago

Anabolic VX Review: Revolutionising Forex Trading Efficiency

As a user of this software, I've found that it has potential, but there are a few areas that need refining. The interface is user-friendly and the features are comprehensive, but the execution is where it falls short. The software's performance, in its current state, has not lived up to my expectations.However, I've been in touch with the author and his dedication to enhancing the software is commendable. He is constantly working on updates, seeking feedback from users like myself, and implementing changes based on our experiences. This proactive approach is a positive sign and it reassures me that the software is on its way to becoming a more robust and reliable tool for forex trading.Despite the initial disappointment, I'm optimistic about the future of Anabolic VX. It's clear that the author is not satisfied with mediocrity and is committed to delivering a superior product. I'm looking forward to seeing how the software evolves and improves over time.In conclusion, while my initial experience with Anabolic VX has been less than stellar, I'm holding out for the forthcoming updates. The author's determination to improve the software is evident and I believe that with a few tweaks and enhancements, Anabolic VX has the potential to become a powerful tool in the world of forex trading.