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The AU Golden Premium Expert Advisor is an upgraded version of the cult Au Gold, with a logarithmic spiral of cycles. In addition to all the features of Au Golden, Premium includes a neural network to help analyze the market and train the Expert Advisor to find the best trades. Unlike traditional methods of technical analysis, neural networks don’t make predictions. Instead, they analyze price data and identify opportunities. With the help of a neural network, Au Golden Premium makes trading decisions based on carefully studied data.

One of the standout features of the Au Golden Premium Expert Advisor is its use of Kohonen Networks, which are one of the main types of self-organizing neural networks. This allows the Expert Advisor to adapt to previously unknown input data, providing new opportunities for learning and analysis. This type of self-organization closely mimics the natural learning process of our brain, where there are no definite patterns.

When using the Au Golden Premium Expert Advisor, traders have the option to choose from different types of accounts, including Classic, ECN, and PRO. The recommended leverage is 1:20 or higher, and the optimal timeframe is H1. The default settings are available, but traders can also customize the settings based on their preferences and trading strategies.

It’s important to note that the Au Golden Premium Expert Advisor is designed for long-term trading and not for those seeking huge profits in a short period. It requires patience and a strategic approach to achieve consistent results. Traders should consider this before purchasing the Expert Advisor.

After purchasing the Expert Advisor, traders can also receive Au Gold MT5 or Tech Gold MT5 as a gift. This additional feature adds value to the overall package and provides traders with more options for their trading activities.

It’s worth mentioning that all programs related to the Au Golden Premium Expert Advisor are only available on the official website, Beware of fake versions on the internet, as they have nothing to do with the original and do not replicate the strategy of the EA. It’s always recommended to purchase from trusted sources to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of the product.

For those interested in independent testing of the Au Golden Premium Expert Advisor, offers comprehensive reviews and updates on the results of testing this product. Traders can subscribe to these updates to stay informed about the performance and potential of the Expert Advisor.

In conclusion, the Au Golden Premium MT5 Expert Advisor is a powerful tool for forex trading, combining the benefits of the Au Gold with the added capabilities of a neural network. Its self-organizing nature and careful analysis of market data make it a valuable asset for long-term trading strategies. However, it’s important to approach trading with realistic expectations and understand that consistent profits require time and strategic decision-making.

Review: AU Golden Premium MT5 – A Professional Forex Trader’s Perspective

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