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The Call of Night MT5 Forex Software is a professional advisor designed for night scalping in the Forex market. With its innovative approach and real results, this software has gained popularity among traders. It is currently available in limited copies, with only 3 copies left out of 5 at a price of $199. The next price will be $349.

Key Features

One of the standout features of Call of Night MT5 Forex Software is its simplicity. It is easy to set up and install, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. The software trades all supported pairs from a single chart, reducing the complexity of managing multiple charts. It uses pending orders, which significantly reduces slippage.

Unlike other risky trading methods, such as averaging orders or martingale, Call of Night MT5 Forex Software employs a safe approach. All transactions are closed within 3-5 hours, and each transaction is accompanied by a stop loss, take profit, and a limit on the life of the trade. The software also features a built-in volatility filter optimized for each currency pair.

Furthermore, Call of Night MT5 Forex Software complies with FIFO rules and does not rely on news filters. It has been extensively tested with real spread and slippage over the entire available history from 2003 to the present day, ensuring its reliability and performance.


1. How do I set up the Call of Night MT5 Forex Software?

Setting up the software is straightforward. Simply specify the trading mode (live or demo), choose a unique magic number for all pairs, and set a comment for easy trade recognition in the history. Additionally, you need to provide the correct GMT and DST settings of your broker. If you need assistance with the settings, the developer is available to help.

2. Can I use the Call of Night MT5 Forex Software with a fixed lot size?

Yes, you can choose to work with a fixed lot size or opt for automatic lot calculation based on your balance or equity. If you prefer automatic lot calculation, you can specify the lot calculation type (balance or equity) and set the step to increase the lot.

3. Where can I find independent testing of this product?

You can find independent testing of the Call of Night MT5 Forex Software on the website. There, you can access comprehensive reviews and updates on the results of testing this product. It is always recommended to review independent testing before making any purchasing decisions.


Call of Night MT5 Forex Software offers a unique and effective approach to night scalping in the Forex market. With its real results and limited availability, this software has gained popularity among traders. Its user-friendly setup and installation process make it suitable for both beginners and experienced users. If you are looking to get started with night scalping, Call of Night MT5 Forex Software is worth considering.

Have you used the Call of Night MT5 Forex Software? Share your experience and insights in the comments below!

Review: Call of Night MT5 Forex Software – Real Results, Limited Copies Available

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Tobias James

1 review

2 months ago

Boost Your Forex Results: Call of Night MT5 Software Review

The key, as with any trading system, is risk management. If you can effectively manage your risk, 'Call of Night MT5' can be an excellent addition to your portfolio. It's not about the quantity of trades, but the quality. This software seems to understand that principle, focusing on fewer, but potentially more profitable trades.The 'Call of Night MT5' is not just a tool for me, it's a partner. It's there, working in the background, while I sleep, making decisions based on the parameters I've set. I wake up in the morning to find that it's made trades that I might have missed. It's like having a personal assistant who never sleeps.In my opinion, the 'Call of Night MT5' is a hidden gem in the world of Forex trading software. It's not as flashy or as busy as other systems, but it's reliable and efficient. It's a workhorse that gets the job done, and for me, that's what matters most. I believe that if more traders knew about it and understood its value, it would be far more widely used.In conclusion, I highly recommend the 'Call of Night MT5' to any trader looking for a reliable, efficient, and manageable night trading system. It's a valuable tool that can help you make the most of the Forex market, even while you sleep."

2 months ago


Call of Night MT5 excels in night scalping, offering an innovative approach and real results. Limited copies available—act fast to secure the current price.