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In this review, we will take a closer look at the Darwin Swing MT5, an Expert Advisor (EA) designed for professional forex trading. This EA reflects the philosophy of its creator and offers real results based on a long-term vision. Unlike fast scalpers or night scalpers, Darwin Swing focuses on swing trading using support and resistance levels to open positions.

How Does It Work?

The Darwin Swing EA incorporates virtual positions into its trading strategy. By calculating the average number of support and resistance levels each pair will cross during trends, the EA places virtual positions on each level. These virtual positions are visible on the dashboard but not opened in real. The EA will then open a real position when the price crosses the predetermined number of support and resistance levels, which is calculated based on historical data.

Additionally, the Darwin Swing EA integrates Darwin Evolution’s currency strength system, enhancing market entries and overall efficiency. With more than 8 indicators and filters, this actively trading EA offers excellent recovery factor and sharp ratio.

Main Features and Benefits

The Darwin Swing MT5 offers a range of features and benefits that make it a powerful tool for professional forex traders:

  • Trade on 28 pairs simultaneously
  • No optimization required – set files are delivered with purchase
  • Swing trading strategy using support and resistance
  • Optimizes profits and limits drawdown with various indicators and options
  • Innovative news filter with disconnection times for major news events
  • Specific filter for nightly news
  • Multiple capital protection options
  • Risk management of capital
  • Compatible with funded accounts (prop firms)
  • Pause button to stop real orders while allowing virtual orders to continue

Setup and Recommendations

After installing the Darwin Swing MT5, it is recommended to go to Tools/Options and enable “Allow web Requests for listed URL” by adding the necessary link. This will ensure the news filter works correctly. Please note that real backtesting of this strategy is not possible due to the lack of real ticks in MT5. However, independent testing and performance results can be found on the website. It is also possible to subscribe to updates on the results of testing this product.

The recommended pairs for this EA are the 28 forex pairs, and the recommended setting is EURUSD M1. The recommended lot and risk are 0.5-1% of the capital. The Darwin Swing MT5 is compatible with all brokers that offer the 28 required forex pairs for calculations. It is recommended to have a minimum capital of $1000 USD and a leverage of 1:30 or lower.


The Darwin Swing MT5 is a powerful Expert Advisor designed for professional forex trading. With its swing trading strategy, support and resistance system, and innovative features such as virtual positions and news filters, it offers traders a comprehensive solution for optimizing profits and managing risks. Its compatibility with funded accounts and multi-currency capabilities make it a versatile tool for traders. For more information and independent testing results, visit and subscribe to updates.


Can I use the Darwin Swing MT5 on multiple currency pairs?

Yes, the Darwin Swing MT5 can trade on all 28 forex pairs simultaneously.

Does the EA require optimization?

No, the EA comes with pre-delivered set files, eliminating the need for optimization.

What is the recommended minimum capital for using the Darwin Swing MT5?

The recommended minimum capital is $1000 USD.

Can I use the EA with funded accounts or prop firms?

Yes, the Darwin Swing MT5 is perfectly compatible with funded accounts or prop firms such as FTMO, E8, Audacity, etc.

Is real backtesting possible with this strategy?

No, real backtesting is not possible due to the lack of real ticks in MT5. However, independent testing and performance results can be found on the website.

Share your experience with the Darwin Swing MT5 in the comments below. This review is an independent evaluation of the product and does not contain any personal endorsements.

Review: Darwin Swing MT5 – Real Results from Professional Forex Trader

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3 months ago


Very interesting! I couldn’t even think that Darwin Swing MT5 is intended for professional trading. Educational article!