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The Multi Dashboard MT5 stands among the upper echelons of Forex software tools, presenting a comprehensive suite of multi-symbol and multi-timeframe dashboards. This tool offers a substantial advantage to Forex traders, providing 20 different types of dashboards in a single chart.

Key Features of Multi Dashboard MT5

This ultimate Forex tool boasts an extensive list of dashboards, each with unique functionality and application in Forex trading and market analysis. These include:

  • MACD – Determines the difference between the Main Line and Signal Line in points.
  • Accelerator Oscillator – Shows the value of the AC indicator in points.
  • Moving Averages – Displays the difference between Fast MA and Slow MA in points.
  • Stochastic – Shows the difference between the Main Line and Signal Line.
  • And many more, including Bollinger Bands, RSI, CCI, WPR, Envelopes, Parabolic SAR among others.

All these dashboards are designed to provide valuable trading signals, enabling a more informed decision-making process.

Dashboards’ Operational Parameters

Each dashboard in the Multi Dashboard MT5 comes with specific operational parameters. For instance, the MACD dashboard provides a buy signal when the Main Line is above the Signal Line and a sell signal when it’s below. Similarly, the Moving Averages dashboard delivers a buy signal when Fast MA is above Slow MA and a sell signal when it’s below.

The Accelerator Oscillator and the Stochastic dashboards follow similar operational principles. Other dashboards like CCI, WPR, and RSI offer buy signals when their value is below the Oversold Level and sell signals when it’s above the Overbought Level.

Unique Input Parameter

The Multi Dashboard MT5 comes with a unique input parameter: the Dashboard ID #. This parameter refers to the name of the currently used Profile and must be set differently for every instance of the Multi Dashboard utilized in the same trading terminal.

Developer’s Promise for Future Development

The developer of the Multi Dashboard MT5, a professional with over 10 years of MQL programming experience, has hinted at future development of the project. He welcomes feedback from users to help enhance the tool’s performance and functionality.

Independent Testing and User Experience

For those interested in witnessing the performance of the Multi Dashboard MT5 in action, independent testing results can be found on the website. Users can also subscribe to updates on the tool’s testing results. If you have used this ultimate Forex tool, feel free to share your experience and contribute to its ongoing development.


1. What is the Multi Dashboard MT5?

The Multi Dashboard MT5 is a Forex software tool that provides a set of multi-symbol and multi-timeframe dashboards on a single chart. It includes 20 different types of dashboards.

2. Can I contribute to the future development of the Multi Dashboard MT5?

Yes, the developer encourages users to provide feedback and suggestions to enhance the tool’s functionality and performance.

3. How can I check the performance of the Multi Dashboard MT5?

You can visit the website to observe independent testing of the tool. Users can also subscribe to updates on the results of the product’s testing.

This review is an independent evaluation of the product, free from any bias or affiliation. The Multi Dashboard MT5 is an external product and is not owned or managed by the author of this review.

Review: Multi Dashboard MT5 – Ultimate Forex Software Tool

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