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Just Copier MT5 is a unique forex software designed to simplify the process of copying trading strategies. With its user-friendly interface and efficient functionality, it allows traders to copy trades without any complicated settings. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, Just Copier MT5 offers a seamless experience in replicating trading signals.

Efficient and Simple Copying:
One of the standout features of Just Copier MT5 is its simplicity. Unlike other forex software, there are no complex configurations or settings required. With just a few clicks, traders can easily copy trades from one PC to another. The software allows for both master (provider) and slave (receiver) modes, giving traders the flexibility to choose their preferred role.

Multiple Providers and Lots:
Just Copier MT5 also offers the convenience of copying trades from multiple providers. Traders can set the receiver lot to match the lots of multiple providers, ensuring a comprehensive copying experience. This feature allows for greater diversification and the ability to follow multiple trading strategies simultaneously.

Copy Modes and Special Features:
The software offers various copy modes to suit different trading preferences. Traders can choose to copy trades based on each order ticket on the master (ByTicket mode) or based on order symbols on the master (BySymbol mode). Additionally, Just Copier MT5 can copy pending orders, stop loss, and take profit levels, providing a complete replication of trading strategies.

Unique Parameters and Customization:
Just Copier MT5 offers unique parameters that enhance the copying process. Traders can utilize the prefix and suffix options to mark symbols at the beginning or end, allowing for easy identification. The software also supports reverse trading, enabling traders to copy trades in opposite directions, including pending orders. With the lot multiply feature, trades can be copied with the lot size increased by a specified multiplier, providing flexibility in position sizing.


1. Can Just Copier MT5 be used as both a master and a slave?
Yes, Just Copier MT5 can function as both a master and a slave in the same terminal. This allows traders to copy trades as a slave and generate trading signals as a master simultaneously.

2. Can Just Copier MT5 copy trades from multiple masters?
Yes, the slave mode of Just Copier MT5 supports copying trades from several masters. This feature is particularly useful for traders who follow multiple trading strategies.

3. What is the timer function in Just Copier MT5?
The timer function determines the period for event generation during the copier operation. A longer period reduces the load on the terminal.

Just Copier MT5 is a simple and efficient forex software that streamlines the process of copying trades. With its user-friendly interface, multiple copy modes, and unique features, it offers traders a seamless experience in replicating trading strategies. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, Just Copier MT5 provides the tools necessary to enhance your trading journey.

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Review of Just Copier MT5 – A Simple and Efficient Forex Software

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Andras Varga

1 review

3 weeks ago

Review: Just Copier MT5 - Top Forex Trading Software for Traders

I purchased the MT4 and MT5 versions of the Just Copier software. As a user of this Forex software, I can confidently say that it has been a game-changer for me. The software is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for even a novice like me to navigate and use.Agung's support throughout the process was excellent. He was always available to answer any questions I had and to provide assistance when needed. His dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in his prompt and helpful responses.The Just Copier MT5 software itself is a fantastic tool for anyone involved in Forex trading. It has streamlined my trading process and has significantly improved my efficiency. The software is reliable and runs smoothly on my system, making my trading experience seamless and stress-free.I would highly recommend Agung's products and services to anyone in the Forex trading industry. His professionalism, quick assistance, and high-quality products are truly commendable. The Just Copier MT5 software has been an invaluable addition to my trading toolkit, and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.In conclusion, Agung is a top-notch seller, and his products are of the highest quality. His excellent support and the superior performance of the Just Copier MT5 software make him a standout choice for anyone in the Forex trading industry. I am confident that anyone who chooses to use his products will have a similarly positive experience."