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Utility: Automate Your Forex Operations

ScriptBot Plus MT5 allows users to convert various texts into logical expressions, which are composed of operators, variables, and functions. These expressions enable the creation of calculations using data from indicators, graphs, orders, or the client’s account. By using arithmetic operations and comparisons, the expressions communicate with the robot and dictate how the user’s operational strategies should be executed.

Features: Configurable and Versatile

ScriptBot Plus MT5 offers a range of features that make it a versatile tool for forex traders:

  • Fully configurable: Users can customize the settings according to their preferences.
  • Multiple indicators: Up to 21 indicators can be installed for personalized strategies.
  • Logical expressions: Create strategies using logical expressions based on various variables and functions.
  • Flexible operation schedule: Set different hours and days of operation according to your trading preferences.
  • Control panel: Track and control the robot’s activities through a user-friendly panel.
  • Audible alerts: Receive audible alerts for important events or trading opportunities.
  • Subsystems: Choose from a multitude of subsystems to enhance your trading strategies, including Daily Target, Simple Average Price, Partials, Break Even, Trailing Stop, Soros Gale, Martingale, Hedge, Linear Gradient, and Advanced Average Price.


Can I use ScriptBot Plus MT5 without programming skills?

Yes, ScriptBot Plus MT5 is designed to be user-friendly and does not require any programming skills. Its intuitive configuration allows everyone to automate their forex operations easily.

Can I customize my trading strategies with ScriptBot Plus MT5?

Absolutely! ScriptBot Plus MT5 offers a wide range of customization options. You can create your own strategies using logical expressions, choose from multiple indicators, and set different hours and days of operation.

Is ScriptBot Plus MT5 compatible with custom graphics?

Yes, ScriptBot Plus MT5 is compatible with custom graphics, allowing you to analyze and incorporate additional visual data into your trading strategies.

Independent Testing and Updates

If you are interested in seeing independent testing of ScriptBot Plus MT5, you can visit The website provides comprehensive testing and updates on the performance of this product. You can also subscribe to receive regular updates on the results of testing ScriptBot Plus MT5.

Share Your Experience

We invite you to share your experience of using ScriptBot Plus MT5. If you have tried this product and would like to provide feedback or share your success stories, please feel free to do so in the comments section below.

Please note that this review is an independent assessment of ScriptBot Plus MT5 and is not affiliated with any specific product. The purpose of this review is to provide an objective evaluation of the features and capabilities of ScriptBot Plus MT5 for forex traders.

Review: ScriptBot Plus MT5 – Automate Your Forex Operations Easily

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2 months ago

Unbiased ScriptBot Plus MT5 Forex Trading Software Review

The ScriptBot Plus MT5 is like a Swiss army knife for traders. It's packed with a plethora of trading options that cater to every possible trading strategy you can think of. The software is designed with a high degree of flexibility and adaptability, allowing me to customize my trading strategy according to my specific needs and market conditions.One of the features that I find particularly impressive is the integration of external indicators. This allows me to incorporate a wide range of analytical tools into my trading strategy, further enhancing my trading capabilities. The software also supports various risk management strategies such as SM, Gale, and Soros, providing me with a robust framework to manage my trading risks effectively.But what truly sets the ScriptBot Plus MT5 apart is its user-friendly interface. Despite the complexity of the features, the software is incredibly easy to use. The commands are intuitive and the navigation is seamless, making it a pleasure to use.In conclusion, the ScriptBot Plus MT5 is a game-changer. It's a powerful, versatile, and user-friendly trading system that has significantly enhanced my trading experience. I highly recommend it to any trader looking for a comprehensive, reliable, and efficient trading system."