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Key Features

1. Customizable Stop Loss Movement: Unlike the regular trailing stop, which only allows movement in increments of 1 pip, the Step Trailing Stop can be configured with any increment. This flexibility ensures that positions are not closed prematurely during false trend reversals, helping traders avoid unnecessary losses.

2. Integration with eInTradePanel: The Step Trailing Stop has been seamlessly integrated into the existing trading panel, eInTradePanel, by developer Dmitry Fedoseev. This integration enhances the convenience of managing the tool’s operation, providing traders with a user-friendly interface to control their stop loss movements effectively.

How It Works

The Step Trailing Stop utility allows traders to set the step of moving the stop loss following the price when using the trailing stop tool. By customizing the increment, traders can adapt their stop loss movements to suit different market conditions and trading strategies. This ensures that positions are protected during small corrections while allowing them to capture further gains when the price continues moving in the same direction.


Q: Can I watch independent testing of this product?

A: Yes, you can find independent testing of the Step Trailing Stop tool on the website. This provides valuable insights into its performance and effectiveness in real trading scenarios.

Q: How can I subscribe to updates on the results of testing this product?

A: To stay updated on the results of testing the Step Trailing Stop tool, you can subscribe to the website’s newsletter or follow their social media channels. This ensures that you receive the latest information and recommendations based on the ongoing testing process.


The Step Trailing Stop is a professional forex trader’s tool that offers precise stop loss movement for enhanced trading strategies. Its customizable features and integration with the eInTradePanel provide traders with greater control and convenience in managing their positions. By avoiding premature closures during false trend reversals, this tool helps traders optimize their trading outcomes and minimize potential losses. Share your experience with the Step Trailing Stop tool and discover its benefits in your forex trading journey.

Review: Step Trailing Stop – A Professional Forex Trader’s Tool for Precise Stop Loss Movement

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1 review

2 months ago

Expert Review: Step Trailing Stop - Top Forex Trading Tool

"Step trailing stop" - это уникальная утилита, которую я активно использую в своей интрадей торговле. Она позволяет мне установить стоп-лосс и трейлинг стоп вместо тейк-профита, что делает процесс торговли более удобным и гибким.Я обнаружил, что использование "Step trailing stop" значительно упрощает мою торговлю, позволяя мне сосредоточиться на анализе рынка, а не на постоянном мониторинге ордеров. Это дает мне больше свободы и гибкости в принятии торговых решений, что в конечном итоге приводит к более высокой прибыли.В целом, я очень доволен этим программным обеспечением. Оно простое в использовании, надежное и эффективное. Я бы рекомендовал "Step trailing stop" всем, кто занимается интрадей торговлей на Форекс. Это действительно ценный инструмент, который может помочь вам улучшить вашу торговлю и увеличить прибыль."