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The Trading Box Order Management MT5 is an advanced trading tool designed specifically for professional forex traders. Developed by a seasoned trader, this tool offers a wide range of features and functionalities to enhance trading efficiency and improve risk management.

Advanced Trading Tool for Professional Forex Traders

With the Trading Box Order Management MT5, traders can execute smart orders with just one click, based on their predefined conditions. This tool includes a position size calculator (lot size), the ability to open positions after price action, a strategy builder, and set-and-forget trading options. Traders can also receive mobile notifications to stay updated on their trades.

Risk management is a crucial aspect of trading, and the Trading Box Order Management MT5 provides several tools to help traders effectively manage their risk. It features a risk percentage position size calculator, gain percentage calculation, target risk-reward ratio calculation, and includes spread and commission calculations in all its risk management calculations.

Advanced Order Types and Trading Panel

The Trading Box Order Management MT5 offers seven advanced order types, including set-and-forget trading with price action automation such as OCO (One Cancels Other) and OTO (One Triggers Other) orders. Traders can easily manage their orders using the trading panel, which allows them to change the number of orders, adjust risk percentage, partially close positions, and place or delete pending orders.

Price action tools are also available in this trading tool, enabling traders to enable or disable advanced orders at specific price levels using lines. The trade manager functions allow traders to lock in profits, move stop-loss levels, close partial positions, surrender positions, set stop-loss to breakeven, and set stop-loss to reaction points.

Video Tutorials and Manuals

The Trading Box Order Management MT5 provides video tutorials and manuals to help users understand and make the most of its features. Traders can find additional contact information on the developer’s profile.

Order Box and Risk Management

The order box is a rectangular tool that defines a market order with entry and stop-loss prices, essentially creating a virtual market order. This smart trading tool also includes a strategy builder and will calculate the lot size for each order, total stop-loss, risk and gain percentage, and total profit from all targets. Commission and spread are included in all calculations.

The Trading Box Order Management MT5 helps traders become faster and more efficient in their trading activities. It also offers protection against unfavorable market conditions such as opening gaps, news spikes, and high spreads. Additionally, the tool provides various price notification functions and price action automation tools.

Traders can place or delete order boxes when the market is open or closed, using the rectangle indicator or rectangle zone.

Order Functions and Other Features

The Trading Box Order Management MT5 offers various order functions, including pending orders and order boxes with active lines. Traders have the option to execute orders at the bid price, use hidden stop-loss and entry orders, apply spread and time filters to open orders, and calculate target risk-reward ratios.

The tool provides multiple methods for lot size calculation, such as balance risk percentage, equity risk percentage, free margin risk percentage, fixed lot size, and fixed cash amount.

Other features of the Trading Box Order Management MT5 include above and below price alerts, customizable font size and color settings, partial position closures, stop-loss to breakeven functionality, and various lot size calculation methods.


The Trading Box Order Management MT5 is a comprehensive and powerful trading tool designed for professional forex traders. With its advanced order types, risk management features, price action tools, and user-friendly interface, it provides traders with the necessary tools to execute trades efficiently and effectively.

Interested users can watch independent testing of this product on the website and subscribe to updates on the results of the testing. If you’ve used the Trading Box Order Management MT5, we encourage you to share your experience with the tool.

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