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The ZigZag Lines MT5 Forex Software is a powerful multitimeframe indicator designed to assist traders in identifying support/resistance lines and breakouts in the forex market. With its advanced features and customizable settings, this software provides valuable insights into market trends and potential trading opportunities.

Key Features

The Multitimeframe ZigZag indicator is the core feature of this software. It accurately displays support/resistance lines and their breakouts, allowing traders to make informed decisions. Additionally, it draws the current targets of the market, providing valuable information on where the market is headed.

Moreover, the software can also display lines of the Fractals indicator and candles from other periods, including quarterly. This feature enables traders to analyze multiple timeframes and gain a comprehensive view of the market.

It’s important to note that the indicator redraws the last (current) point and, in some cases, can change the last 2-3 points. However, all lines are drawn as objects, offering flexibility in analyzing the data and incorporating it into Expert Advisors.

Settings and Customization

The ZigZag Lines MT5 Forex Software provides various settings to customize the indicator according to individual trading preferences. Traders can choose the mode for drawing support/resistance levels based on ZigZag, ZigZag Close, Fractals, or high-low levels of a specific period.

Other adjustable parameters include depth, deviation, backstep, period, and maximum bars to calculate. These settings allow traders to fine-tune the indicator based on their trading strategy and timeframe.

Display and Alerts

The software offers a range of display options to enhance the visual representation of the indicator. Traders can choose to show the ZigZag lines, current ZigZag points, price levels, current targets, and broken lines. They can also extend broken lines to the right by a specified number of bars.

In addition to visual cues, the software provides alerts to notify traders of potential trading opportunities. Traders can set up pop-up alerts, push notifications, e-mail notifications, and sound alerts for various events such as touching a level, line breakout, changing ZigZag direction, and price proximity to a level.


1. Can I use this indicator in my Expert Advisor?

Yes, the ZigZag points can be read using the iCustom function in an Expert Advisor. This allows traders to incorporate the indicator’s data into their automated trading strategies.

2. How accurate are the support/resistance lines and breakouts identified by the indicator?

The accuracy of the lines and breakouts depends on the market conditions and the settings chosen by the trader. It is recommended to combine the indicator’s signals with other technical analysis tools for confirmation.

3. Can I customize the appearance of the indicator?

Yes, the software offers customization options for line colors, line widths, line styles, font sizes, candle display, and more. Traders can personalize the indicator’s appearance to suit their preferences.

4. Where can I find independent testing of this product?

You can find independent testing of this product on the website. They provide comprehensive reviews and analysis of various forex software, including the ZigZag Lines MT5 Forex Software.


The ZigZag Lines MT5 Forex Software is a versatile multitimeframe indicator that assists traders in identifying support/resistance lines and breakouts. With its advanced features, customizable settings, and visual alerts, this software provides valuable insights into market trends and potential trading opportunities. Traders can utilize this tool alongside other technical analysis methods to enhance their trading strategies. We invite you to share your experience of using this product and stay updated on the results of independent testing on

Review: ZigZag Lines MT5 Forex Software – Multitimeframe Indicator for Support/Resistance Lines and Breakouts

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3 months ago


Overall the indicator is not bad. It detects all deviations almost accurately, so it is a good help for intraday trading!