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Snake Catcher NETTO is a fully automated forex trading tool, designed for netting accounts. It is a variant of the popular Snake Catcher Expert Advisor. This tool is primarily used for fast-paced trading, reacting swiftly to rapid price movements in the forex market.

How Does Snake Catcher NETTO Work?

Snake Catcher NETTO operates based on the rate of price change. It is also termed as a “news adviser” as it is highly responsive to significant macroeconomic news. This tool enters a position when there’s a rapid price movement in any direction. Once a position is set, Snake Catcher NETTO can wait for the price movement to continue, potentially allowing profits to grow.

For traders who consider the cumulative profit level sufficient, the “CLOSE” button on the instrument chart can be used to close all positions on the instrument.

Key Features of Snake Catcher NETTO

Snake Catcher NETTO is a self-sufficient tool that does not require constant supervision. It can be installed on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and can also be used for manual trading. It employs an adaptive stop loss, established based on local price extremes. The maximum amount of loss in points is determined by external parameters.

Snake Catcher NETTO automatically identifies local price extremes at a distance set by the external parameter “depth” (depth of the market). The larger this parameter, the slower the testing and optimization of the tool in the strategy tester, as more historical data will be loaded.

Optimizing Snake Catcher NETTO

Testing and optimization of Snake Catcher NETTO should be conducted in the “Every tick based on real ticks” mode. Before starting trading, it is recommended to optimize the tool using your broker’s quotes, as quotes can differ among brokers. For optimal performance, traders should have a ping of no more than 100 ms. The optimal time interval for trading is M15. Smaller intervals may result in more unprofitable trades, but trading will occur more frequently.

External Parameters of Snake Catcher NETTO

Snake Catcher NETTO has several external parameters including MAGIC, Size, Coef, depth, MaxLoss, Lots, Add, TimeStart, timeEnd, DROW, and multiplier. Each parameter plays a crucial role in the functionality of the tool, and they can be adjusted to fit different trading strategies and market conditions.

FAQ Section

For more information about the product’s operation parameters, independent testing, and updates on the results of testing Snake Catcher NETTO, visit Share your experience with this product and contribute to the community of traders.

Please note that this is an independent product review. It is not affiliated with the product or its creators.

Snake Catcher NETTO Review: Fast-Paced Forex Trading Tool

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