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The Stock Trader Hedge MT5 is a fully automated trading advisor crafted specifically for the US Stock Market. This software utilizes an author’s trading strategy, which is primarily based on technical analysis. The system is designed to open only LONG positions by the global direction of trend on price falls (dips), analyzing data from several timeframes simultaneously.

Trading Strategy and Indicators

The trading strategy employed by Stock Trader Hedge MT5 is founded on a selection of indicators. These include Moving Average, ATR, CCI, Stochastic, RSI, and others. The type of trade is Conservative with a low number of trades, which contributes to the safety of the system.

Unlike its Pro version, the Stock Trader Hedge is designed to operate on the Buy and Hold principle, similar to the work of Hedge Funds and professional investors. This approach is more profitable than buying and holding outright shares to make a profit from Dividends only.

Trading Options

The Stock Trader Hedge MT5 offers two types of trading:

1. Leveraged CFD Trading on Stocks

This is the classic account type for most brokers. If after opening a deal the price per share drops by 5-10% (depending on the company), an additional order is opened with a Take Profit of 5%. This mechanism prevents periods of stagnation and is the optimal solution for the periods of the Medium-term market correction and its collapses. In such cases, the system will receive the maximum profit.

2. Direct Share Trading without Leverage

This type of trading is intended for long-term investment. If trades are in drawdown, you receive dividend payments. This type of trading is absolutely safe and risk-free, since these are non-CFD accounts and you are a direct shareholder. There is no margin call probability.

Settings and Operation Parameters

The Stock Trader Hedge MT5 comes with a range of settings and operation parameters. These include Comment, Slippage, MagicNumber, Calculate Contract Size, Type of Money Management, Balance Loading, Fixed Size of Contract, Percent of Loss, Money Management Value, TimeFrame for trading, Take Profit, and others.

These parameters allow for customization of the software to cater to individual trading needs and strategies. Users can adjust these settings according to their risk tolerance and investment goals.

Live Results and Testing

Independent testing of this product can be viewed on the website. Users can also subscribe to updates on the results of testing this product. This allows traders to stay informed about the performance of the software and make informed decisions about its use.


The Stock Trader Hedge MT5 appears to be a robust automated trading system designed for long-term investment and capital accumulation. Its sophisticated strategy and indicators, coupled with its two trading options, make it a versatile tool for traders and investors alike.


What is the minimum recommended deposit for using Stock Trader Hedge MT5?
The minimum recommended deposit for CFD Mode is $1500, for Dividends Mode is $3000.

Can I customize the settings of Stock Trader Hedge MT5?
Yes, the software comes with a range of settings and operation parameters that users can adjust according to their needs and strategies.

We invite all users of Stock Trader Hedge MT5 to share their experiences and feedback. This will help potential users make an informed decision about the product.

Please note that this is an independent product review. The text is written in the third person and does not contain any references to “our” or “my” product.

Stock Trader Hedge MT5: Unbiased Review and Live Results

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An excellent assistant for everyone involved in trading on the stock exchange. He helped me avoid unnecessary mistakes more than once.