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The SureFire Trading Deck is a unique Expert Advisor (EA) that seeks to change the game in the world of Forex trading. This tool is designed to track, trail and close your trades in a profit or hedge the losing ones, turning them into winners. The underlying engine powering this EA is the Zone Recovery Algorithm, also known as the Surefire Forex Hedging Strategy.

How Does the SureFire Trading Deck Work?

The EA employs a built-in Moving Average Cross strategy to take care of opening trades. However, this can be switched with a preferred strategy or your own strategy. If your strategy fails and moves in an unfavourable direction, the EA turns the losing trades into winners. It is customized to allow the user to input the zone settings, target levels, trading symbols, trading hours, maximum number of trades, maximum number of recovery trades, moving average filter, ADX filter, RSI filter, Range breakout, and a combined moving average color indicator.

Unique Features of the SureFire Trading Deck

One of the unique features of the SureFire Trading Deck is its ability to trail recovery positions once at break-even. This means that once you have reached break-even, i.e., the losses were totally recovered, you can still continue profiting in that position, just like any other normal trade.

Another distinguishing feature is the absence of a lots factor. Unlike other EAs that use a lot factor say 2, this EA uses a recovery zone algorithm that allows you to move algorithmically depending on your zone settings. This makes it suitable for small accounts.

Customizing Your Trading Strategy

The SureFire Trading Deck allows you to switch the default strategy with your own trading plan or strategy. The default strategy is Moving Average Cross but can be switched to others such as SuperTrend and stochastic trading strategies. This customization feature ensures that the tool aligns with your trading style and risk tolerance.

FAQs about the SureFire Trading Deck

Is the SureFire Trading Deck easy to use?

Yes, the Zone Recovery Hedging EA is extremely user-friendly. You get to choose all the inputs and move away from the computer for the EA to execute trades accordingly.

What makes the SureFire Trading Deck unique?

The SureFire Trading Deck stands out from other EAs in its ability to turn losing trades into winners, no matter where the market moves. It also allows for customization of trading strategies, making it adaptable to various trading styles.

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SureFire Trading Deck Review: Winning Forex Trades with Zone Recovery

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2 months ago

SureFire Trading Deck Review: Unleashing Forex Trading Success

The system is designed in such a way that when all its components work in harmony, it delivers outstanding results. Its primary function is to manage losing trades while simultaneously optimizing profits. I have been using it for a day now, and it's functioning flawlessly.The demo back test results are almost identical to the live trading results, which is a testament to the system's reliability. For those who are new to this, I would suggest lowering the inputs to ease into the process.I extend my heartfelt thanks to the vendor for this exceptional product. The 'SureFire Trading Deck' is undoubtedly a five-star EA. I have found it to be a valuable tool in my trading arsenal and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their trading performance.It's not just a software; it's a comprehensive trading solution that caters to both novice and experienced traders alike. The level of customer service and support provided by the vendor is unparalleled, making the entire experience even more worthwhile.In conclusion, the 'SureFire Trading Deck' has exceeded my expectations and has proven to be a reliable and profitable trading tool. I look forward to seeing how it continues to perform in the future."