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The News Filter represents a significant advancement in Forex trading, offering traders an effective way to manage their trading activities during news time. This product is designed to filter out all expert advisors and manual charts during news time, resulting in optimized Forex trading.

News Filter Capabilities

With the News Filter, users no longer need to rely on built-in news filters for future expert advisors. This product can handle them all. The product also features a comprehensive order management system that can manage your open positions and pending orders prior to any news release.

News Source Selection and Management

The News Filter allows users to choose their news source. It is designed to automatically refresh the news source based on user input minutes to refresh. The selection can be based on multiple currencies, keyword identification, or news impact. There’s also an automatic mode where only news related to the current chart is selected.

Order Management Choices

The News Filter provides multiple options for order management. Users can choose to close open positions before news and restore them later. They can also delete pending orders before news and restore them later. The product even allows users to remove or move stop-loss and take-profit levels before news, with the option to restore them later.

Extra Features

In addition to these core features, the News Filter offers several other useful features. It can stop other expert advisors from opening new positions during news by removing them. It also includes unique inputs for every filtered chart, automatic GMT detection, and an interactive news display. Additionally, it can plot vertical lines during news time and send notifications to MT4 mobile.

Setting Up the News Filter

Setting up the News Filter is straightforward. Users simply need to attach the News Filter to any new, empty chart and then attach “Filter This” to any chart they wish to filter. Clicking “Filter Selected” on the main chart completes the setup process.


Does the News Filter work in the strategy tester?

No, the News Filter does not work in the strategy tester. Users are advised to download the demo version from the blog post to properly evaluate the product before purchasing.

Can I get an additional program after purchasing the News Filter?

Yes, you can message the seller after purchase to get a free additional program that disables the AutoTrading button in MT4 during news. This additional program requires “Allow DLL imports”.

Where can I see the product in action?

You can watch independent testing of this product on the website and subscribe to updates on the results of testing this product.

We invite all users of the News Filter to share their experiences of using this product. This is an independent product review and is intended to provide valuable insights to all Forex traders.

The News Filter Review: Optimize Forex Trading During News Time

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