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Delving into the world of Forex trading, one encounters numerous strategies and tools. Among those, the scalping strategy stands out due to its fast-paced nature and potential for quick returns. To aid in this approach, the TickScalper indicator proves to be a valuable companion. Let’s explore this tool in detail.

Understanding the TickScalper Indicator

The TickScalper is a software indicator, specifically designed to assist traders involved in scalping. It is optimized to operate on small timeframes, from M1 to M5, covering short-term trading periods. The indicator effectively monitors price movement and strength of the trend in real-time, proving to be a reliable aid for Forex traders.

How the TickScalper Indicator Works

The TickScalper indicator offers visual cues for buy or sell signals. These signals are displayed on the control panel of the indicator. When the inscription “▲ Pow” on the top button turns green, it signifies a buy signal. Conversely, a sell signal “▼ Pow” is indicated when the inscription turns red. In the absence of a signal, the labels on the buttons remain gray.

Integration with TickScalper Assistant

For enhanced efficiency, the TickScalper indicator can be paired with the Tick Scalper Assistant, a trading assistant tool. Upon receiving a signal from the indicator, the trader can open a position by pressing the corresponding button on the panel. An open position can be closed by pressing the opposite button. This integration allows for swift execution of trading decisions, maximizing potential gains.

Customizing the TickScalper Indicator

The TickScalper indicator offers several customization options for a personalized trading experience. The control panel can be placed either in the main chart window or a subwindow and can be moved to a convenient place using the mouse. Traders can also choose the color of the panel. Additionally, the sound signal feature can be toggled on or off depending on trader preference.

Additional Indicator Settings

More intricate settings include defining the lot size of trades, setting stop loss and take profit levels, and selecting a timeframe for the main line. The averaging period and method of the main line can also be adjusted according to the trader’s strategy.

Independent Testing and Updates

For those interested in the performance of the TickScalper indicator, independent testing results are available on the website. Traders can also subscribe to updates on the testing results of this product.

Share Your Experience

Have you used the TickScalper indicator in your Forex trading strategy? We invite you to share your experience and insights. Your feedback could help other traders in their journey through the Forex market.


What is the TickScalper indicator?
The TickScalper indicator is a software tool designed to help traders involved in scalping. It provides real-time information about price movements and the strength of trends.

How does the TickScalper indicator work?
The TickScalper indicator shows the strength of the trend as a percentage and gives signals to buy or sell. These signals are displayed on the control panel of the indicator.

Can the TickScalper indicator be customized?
Yes, the TickScalper indicator offers various customization options. Traders can choose the location and color of the control panel, toggle the sound signal, and adjust more intricate settings like the averaging period and method, and the timeframe for the main line.

This review is an independent analysis of the TickScalper indicator, provided to offer traders a comprehensive understanding of its features and uses.

TickScalper Review: Boost Your Forex Scalping Strategy

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