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Trade Assistant Pro is a powerful and multifunctional forex software that aims to simplify the trading process for traders of all levels. With its wide range of features and tools, this software provides traders with the necessary resources to enhance their trading experience and improve their overall performance.

Multifunctional Tool: 65 Functions

One of the key highlights of Trade Assistant Pro is its multifunctionality. With over 65 functions, this software offers traders a comprehensive set of tools to streamline their trading activities. Some of the notable functions include a lot calculator, price action analysis, risk-to-reward ratio calculation, trade manager, supply and demand zones, and more.

Demo Version and User Manual

To ensure that traders have a seamless experience with Trade Assistant Pro, a demo version is available for users to test out the software’s capabilities before making a purchase. Additionally, a user manual is provided to guide traders on how to effectively utilize the software and maximize its potential.

MT5 Version

Trade Assistant Pro is compatible with the widely used MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform, expanding the standard terminal capabilities with its comprehensive dashboard. Traders can easily integrate this software into their existing MT5 setup and leverage its powerful features to enhance their trading strategies.

Trade Assistant Pro Features

1. Open New Trades: Lot/Risk/RR Calculation
– Lot calculator for trade volume calculation based on risk size
– Risk calculator for risk amount based on lot size
– Risk-to-reward ratio calculation
– Activation triggers for orders, including Buy StopLimit and Sell StopLimit
– Virtual stop loss (SL) and take profit (TP) levels (hidden from the broker)
– Smart SL/Entry levels to avoid false triggering
– Hidden pending orders and scheduled pending orders
– Additional multi TP levels for multiple take profit targets
– OCO (One-cancel-others) orders with different IDs
– Trade visualization and adjustment on the chart
– SL/Entry levels at bid prices to avoid false triggering due to spread
– Lot/Risk calculation for multiple account sizes simultaneously
– Option to open multiple trades at once
– Expiration time based on minutes/hours/days/bars count

2. Trade Management: Close/Modify/Trailing Stop/Order Trailing/Breakeven/Auto-Close
– Close trades grouped by categories (All/Profit/Loss/Buy/Sell/If PL > If pending more/less/Delete pending)
– Partially close trades
– Group different symbols for simultaneous management
– Remove SL/TP levels on all trades in just one click
– Auto breakeven/manual breakeven with offset option
– SL trailing with multiple types and move rules
– Automatic order trailing
– Manage multiple trades at once
– Auto close function based on profit/loss or at a specific time
– Manage selected trades even when the market is closed (on the weekend)
– Copy/Reverse trades in just one click
– Visualization and adjustment of trades on the chart
– Modify lot size for existing pending orders
– Close trades partially based on lot size or percentage

3. Trade Statistics and Market Analysis
– Currency strength index
– Trading statistics with custom period and symbol
– Analysis of the best/worst trading days
– Market information and volatility analytics
– Visualization of high/low levels compared to the current price
– Bar progress indicator
– Custom notes for symbols
– Economic calendar on the chart
– Countdown timer
– Large bars indicator
– High/low levels of 9 timeframes
– Auto Fibonacci levels
– Gap indicator
– Potential profit/loss levels
– Additional timeframes on the same chart
– Trading sessions for active market sessions
– Floating profit/loss counter
– Status bar with on-time market information
– Bar directions for candles on all timeframes
– Alerts for price/trend line levels
– Watermark on the chart
– Price range utility for trading boundaries
– Market watch tool (watchlist)
– Bar sizes on 9 timeframes
– Custom drawings on the chart
– Quick screenshot and auto screenshot
– Telegram alerts
– Keyboard shortcuts for trading functions

Product Compatibility and Conclusion

Trade Assistant Pro is compatible with various trading instruments, including forex, stocks, futures, indices, CFDs, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and more. Its extensive range of features and tools makes it a valuable asset for traders looking to simplify, speed up, and automate their trading process.

For independent testing of Trade Assistant Pro and to stay updated on the results of testing, traders can visit the website. Additionally, traders are encouraged to share their experiences of using this software, contributing to the overall trading community.

In conclusion, Trade Assistant Pro offers a comprehensive set of functionalities and tools to simplify and enhance the trading process. With its user-friendly interface and extensive capabilities, this software is a valuable asset for traders seeking to optimize their trading strategies.

Trade Assistant Pro 36 in 1 Review: Multifunctional Forex Software for Simplified Trading

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