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The Trade Manager Dashboard is a powerful tool designed to help traders take control of their forex portfolios. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, this dashboard provides valuable insights and information to make informed trading decisions. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, this tool can enhance your trading experience and improve your overall performance in the forex market.

Key Features of the Trade Manager Dashboard

1. Open Trades: This feature allows you to see all your current open trades sorted by currency pair. It provides a clear overview of your directional bias on each pair and every trade or position you have running. This information is crucial for traders who scale into the market gradually with multiple positions or those using grid and basket strategies.

2. Drawdown & Profit Information: Instantly monitor the drawdown or profitability for the pairs you have active trades in. This feature helps you easily identify trades that require management, allowing you to effectively manage your risk and optimize your trading strategy.

3. Lot Sizing: The dashboard enables you to see how many lots you have on each currency pair and the number of trades you have running. This information provides valuable insights into your position sizing and helps you maintain proper risk management.

4. Exposure: With the exposure feature, you can see the directional bias you have on each currency. This ensures that you do not take trades in the opposite direction on another entry. It also helps you manage your exposure to each currency and avoid over-trading.

5. Account Details: View your balance, equity, and available margin details instantly. This feature gives you a clear understanding of your account’s financial status and allows you to make informed decisions based on your account balance and margin requirements.

How the Trade Manager Dashboard Enhances Trading Experience

The Trade Manager Dashboard addresses common challenges faced by traders and simplifies the management of multiple positions in the forex market. By providing a comprehensive overview of your trades and portfolio, this tool empowers you to make better trading decisions. Here’s how it enhances your trading experience:

Efficient Risk Management:

The dashboard enables you to monitor your exposure to each currency individually, ensuring you do not take trades in both directions simultaneously. This helps you avoid over-leveraging and using poor risk-reward ratios, which are common pitfalls for new and experienced traders alike.

Improved Trade Monitoring:

Monitoring multiple positions in the terminal can be challenging. The Trade Manager Dashboard simplifies this process by providing a clear overview of your open trades, directional bias, drawdown, and profitability. This allows you to stay on top of your trades and make timely adjustments when necessary.

Enhanced Portfolio Management:

For traders who enter forex pairs gradually with multiple positions, the Trade Manager Dashboard is a game-changer. It allows you to instantly see where you stand with each pair, making portfolio management more efficient and effective. You can use your profits to reduce portfolio drawdown and manage your risk professionally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use the Trade Manager Dashboard with indices or commodities?

No, the Trade Manager Dashboard is designed for forex pairs only and is not compatible with indices or commodities that use single tickers. However, it works with pairings of currencies, such as XAUUSD for gold.

How wide is the layout of the Trade Manager Dashboard?

The layout of the dashboard is limited to the width of your screen. The more entries you have, the more will be listed across the page.

Can I use the Trade Manager Dashboard with other indicators?

Compatibility with other indicators cannot be guaranteed due to the way the indicator refreshes and draws content. It is advised to run the Trade Manager in its own window on a blank chart for optimal performance.

Independent Testing and Updates

If you want to see independent testing of the Trade Manager Dashboard, you can visit the website. They provide comprehensive testing and updates on the performance of this product. You can also subscribe to receive updates on the results of testing and stay informed about any improvements or new features.

We invite you to share your experience of using the Trade Manager Dashboard. Your feedback and insights can help fellow traders make informed decisions and optimize their trading strategies.

Trade Manager Dashboard Review: Take Control of Your Forex Portfolio

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