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Update: 7 Feb 2024
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The True Range P MT4 Software is an automated forex trading solution that incorporates the Night Scalping and Smart Grid System. This review aims to provide a comprehensive overview of this software, its features, and its performance in the forex market.

Automated Trading and Risk Management

One of the key features of the True Range P MT4 Software is its 100% automated trades capability. This means that once the software is configured, it can conduct trades without any human intervention. It’s a definite plus for traders who may want to focus on other aspects of their trading strategies or those who simply wish to save time.

Another significant feature is the hard stop loss for every position. This attribute ensures that a trader’s possible losses are limited, thus providing a robust risk management system. The dynamic basket take-profit feature allows for maximising profits when the market conditions are favourable.

Performance and Backtesting Results

The software claims to have undergone extensive backtesting from 2000 to 2022, with every tick and 100% history quality. The results demonstrate that the software has the potential to perform well in a variety of market conditions. For traders interested in seeing these results, independent testing of this product can be found on the website.

Spread Protection and Volume Management

The True Range P MT4 Software offers high spread protection, which can be particularly beneficial during times of market volatility. This feature helps to protect traders from unfavorable spreads that could negatively affect their trading outcomes.

In terms of volume management, the software provides both fixed and auto volume options. This allows traders to choose the volume setting that best aligns with their trading strategy and risk tolerance.

Optimisation and Compatibility

The software is optimised for use between 2010 and 2022, making it suitable for modern-day forex trading. It also offers FIFO compatibility, which is a requirement for traders operating under US regulations.

FAQ about True Range P MT4 Software

What kind of trading strategies does the software support?

The software supports both long and short trading strategies. This provides traders with the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions.

Can I change the trading volume?

Yes, the software allows for both fixed and relative volume settings.

What is the maximum spread allowed?

The maximum spread is defined by the user, providing flexibility based on individual trading strategies and market conditions.

We invite users of the True Range P MT4 Software to share their experiences with the product. Remember, this is an independent review, and your feedback will help other traders make informed decisions.

True Range P MT4 Software: Expert Review on Automated Forex Trading

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2 months ago


This program is cool, it works without crashes and freezes. It saves a lot of time and nerves in my work. I am very pleased that I have installed👍