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Uber Trade Manager is a dynamic software that is designed to simplify forex trading operations. Offering fast and efficient trade execution, it boasts an array of impressive features such as the “Ignore Spread” mode and a built-in local trade copier, amongst others.

Efficient Trade Execution

The Uber Trade Manager allows traders to enter trades swiftly with just a single click. Users can set their entry and stop loss prices on the chart, and the system will automatically calculate the lot sizes based on pre-set risk settings. The software is capable of handling multiple positions simultaneously, making it an excellent tool for those who indulge in high-frequency trading.

Flexible Trade Management

One of the advanced trading features of the Uber Trade Manager is its flexible trade management system. Traders can establish flexible partial take profit levels with specific risk-to-reward (RR) ratios. Other notable features include the option to employ trailing by RR stop losses for advanced trade management, automatically move to break-even, or use the MA-based close for dynamic trailing stop losses.

Adaptive Risk Management

The software also features an Adaptive Risk Management Formula Language that allows traders to adjust risk parameters seamlessly. This feature is particularly useful for strategies based on balance and drawdown.

Trading Insights and User Interface

Traders can access detailed statistics, from basic account information to performance metrics and trading details, providing valuable insights into their trading operations. The software comes with a user-friendly graphical interface and on-chart controls for seamless management.

Advanced Features

The Uber Trade Manager also offers advanced spread handling, position customization, on-chart buttons, and stop-loss protection. Traders can protect against fluctuations with the “Spread Factor” mode or trade at candle prices with the “Ignore Spread” mode. Furthermore, all orders, including market orders, entry, and stop losses, can be hidden from your broker with the ‘Spread Ignore’ and ‘Spread Ignore: Invisible’ modes.

Local Trade Copier

One of the standout features of the Uber Trade Manager is its built-in local trade copier. This feature allows traders to synchronize trades across multiple MT5 installations with customizable risk settings on each slave.


The software works with custom symbol charts (seconds chart), forex, metals, crypto, and indices, and has been tested on Windows only (non ARM version).


What is the Uber Trade Manager?

Uber Trade Manager is a powerful trading tool designed to streamline forex trading operations. It offers fast, efficient trade execution and advanced features such as the “Ignore Spread” mode and a built-in local trade copier.

How does the Uber Trade Manager work?

The software allows traders to enter trades swiftly with just one click by defining the entry and stop loss prices on the chart. The system automatically calculates lot sizes based on pre-set risk settings and can handle multiple positions simultaneously. It also offers advanced features such as adaptive risk management, trading insights, and a user-friendly interface.

What are the system requirements for Uber Trade Manager?

The Uber Trade Manager has been tested on Windows only (non ARM version). For more detailed information, consulting the UTM Guide is essential. A stable internet connection is also required when using the “Ignore Spread” mode.

Independent testing of the Uber Trade Manager can be found on the website. Subscriptions for updates on the results of testing this product are also available. We invite readers to share their experiences of using this software. Please note that this is an independent product review, and any financial outcomes are the responsibility of the user.

Uber Trade Manager Review: Streamline Forex Trading with Advanced Features

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