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The interconnection between different currency pairs in the Forex Market is a widely accepted concept. Visual Correlation MT5, a unique forex tool, leverages this interconnection to enhance trading strategies. It allows traders to display various symbols on a single chart while retaining the scale, aiding in the analysis of currency trading trends.

Understanding Visual Correlation

Visual Correlation MT5 operates based on the correlation between different currency pairs. A trader can identify positive, negative, or neutral correlation using this tool. The correlation is displayed directly on the chart, making it easier for traders to identify potential trading opportunities.

Overlaying Charts for Better Insight

One of the distinguishing features of Visual Correlation MT5 is its ability to overlay charts. Some currency instruments begin to move before others. These precursor movements can be identified using the overlay feature, providing traders with early indicators of potential market shifts.

Customization of Symbols

The tool provides the ability to customize the symbols displayed on the chart. Traders can enter the symbol name in the “Symbol” field to display it on the chart. This feature allows for a more personalized and efficient analysis of the Forex Market.

Availability and Version

Visual Correlation MT5 is an advanced version of its predecessor, the MT4. The MT5 version offers more features and enhanced customization options, making it a preferred choice for many traders.


Can I test the Visual Correlation MT5 before purchasing?
Yes, independent testing of Visual Correlation MT5 is available on the website. Subscriptions for updates on the testing results are also available.

Can I share my experience of using Visual Correlation MT5?
Absolutely. Sharing your experience not only helps other traders but also contributes to the continuous improvement of the tool. Your input is highly valued.

Is this an independent review of Visual Correlation MT5?
Yes, this is an independent product review. The intention is to provide unbiased information to help traders make an informed decision.

In conclusion, Visual Correlation MT5 is a versatile tool that offers a unique approach to forex trading strategy. Whether you are a seasoned trader or a newbie exploring the world of forex trading, this tool can help enhance your trading strategies with its innovative features and functionalities.

Visual Correlation MT5 Review: Enhance Forex Trading Strategy

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2 months ago


For a beginner, such a tool would be useful. Visual correlation makes it possible to react faster to changed conditions. It is definitely worth trying Visual Correlation MT5.

2 months ago


After I started using this indicator in my trading, my work became much easier. I think this software is what I have been missing for a long time. My earnings have increased significantly and my work has become more structured