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CCI Signal
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What is CCI Signal?

The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is an oscillator that measures the strength behind a price movement. It helps traders identify who is in control: the bulls or the bears. Like many momentum oscillators, CCI works by comparing the current price with previous values to determine the strength of the price movement up or down.

How to Calculate CCI?

The calculation of the standard CCI indicator follows the original trading system described by its creator, Donald R. Lambert, in 1980:
  • Determine the typical price by calculating the arithmetic mean of the high, low, and close prices.
  • Calculate the simple moving average of the typical price. The original method used a 20-day period, but a 14-day period is more commonly used today.
  • Calculate the mean deviation from the moving average. Using these values, the CCI is computed with the formula: CCI = (Typical Price - Moving Average) / (0.015 x Mean Deviation).
  • Donald Lambert used the constant 0.015 to ensure that 70% to 80% of CCI values fall between +100 and -100. Values above 100 or below -100 are considered atypical deviations from the average.

    CCI Signal in Trading

    The CCI signal is generated when the CCI value crosses above or below the set 'CCI_High_Level' and 'CCI_Low_Level'. For example:
  • If the 'CCI_Low_Level' is set to -100 and the 'CCI_High_Level' is set to 100, and the CCI is -65.92 with the last cross being upwards of the low line, it would be a buy signal since the CCI is greater than the low level but lower than the high level and heading upwards.
  • Advantages of Using CCI

    The CCI indicator offers several advantages:
  • Easy setup and intuitive panel interface.
  • Customizable CCI Indicator Signals.
  • Uses averaging if necessary.
  • Built-in automatic lot calculation.
  • Three types of notifications: push, email, alert.
  • Trading Strategy Options

    The CCI indicator can be used in various trading strategies:
  • Buy and sell are allowed: The EA will make deals in both directions following the signals from the indicator.
  • Only purchases are allowed: Bearish signals will be ignored, and the EA will only make deals based on buy signals.
  • Only sells are allowed: Bullish signals will be ignored, and the EA will only make deals based on sell signals.
  • Configurable Parameters

    The CCI indicator is highly configurable with several parameters:
  • CCI Timeframe: Indicator timeframe.
  • CCI upper line: Setting the upper border of the indicator.
  • CCI lower line: Setting the lower border of the indicator.
  • Period CCI: The higher the value, the fewer trades.
  • Applied price CCI: Used price for calculations.
  • Conclusion

    The CCI signal is a powerful tool for traders looking to gauge the strength of price movements and make informed trading decisions. With its customizable settings and clear signals, it is a versatile indicator suitable for various trading strategies. Whether you are a novice or an experienced trader, the CCI can help you navigate the volatile waters of the Forex market with greater confidence. 🚀📈